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Neutrogena: Effective care and cleansing for different skin requirements

Neutrogena has been creating finely tuned care and cleansing products for every skin need for more than 90 years. Whether sensitive skin, dryness wrinkles, blemishes or mild acne, the nutrient-rich products have been specially put together for every skin type. Here you’ll find the right product to support your skin’s health. Innovative formulas, which the brand developed in collaboration with skin experts, effectively provide a healthy complexion. The skin-friendly textures from Neutrogena stand out with their high quality and effectiveness. Based on numerous clinical patents and studies, they deliver tangible results to intensively care for your natural beauty.

Neutrogena Products: Innovative formulas which promote healthy skin

The story of Neutrogena begins in the year 1930, when Emanuel Stolaroff founded the cosmetics company Natone in Los Angeles. In 1954, while on his travels, he became aware of a patented mild soap from the chemist Edmont Fromant. He imported it to the US and gave it the name Neutrogena due to its pH-neutral properties. A few years later, he also changed the name of the company. The brand’s innovative, gentle skincare products have been available to the German market since 1986.

Facial care from Neutrogena includes serums, eye creams, concentrates as well as day and night creams for different skin needs. Neutrogena products with hyaluronic acid and plant trehalose help skin retain moisture. They’re refreshing and make the skin smoother. Creams with cell-strengthening peptides and antioxidants regenerate and protect the skin from daily environmental influences. This gives you a radiant complexion.

Anti-Ageing skincare contains vitamin C and hexinol technology. These give the skin more elasticity and are said to reduce wrinkles. Healthy, radiant skin is promised by compositions of vitamin C and E as well as neoglucosamine. They moisturise, revitalise and accelerate natural cell renewal. Formulas with pure retinol, myrtle leaf extract and hyaluronic acid are suitable for combating the visible signs of skin ageing. Neutrogena products soften wrinkles and pigmentation spots, moisturise and improve the skin’s appearance.

Formulations with anti-inflammatory chamomile, clarifying salicylic acid and soothing aloe vera are recommended for blemishes. They simultaneously eliminate stubborn pimples and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier to make it more resistant. Combinations of skin-clarifying salicylic acid and a 10% AHA/PHA mixture of glycolic acid, gluconolactone and mandelic acid are even more intensive. They combat pimples and fade stubborn, dark acne marks.

Neutrogena skincare for intensive moisturising

Neutrogena face masks provide an extra helping of care with their high concentration of active ingredients. Variants with moisturising hyaluronic acid ensure supple skin. A seaweed extract intensively cleanses. Smoothing, firming adenosine rejuvenates the facial features.

The moisturising skincare from Neutrogena contains scientifically recognised ingredients such as panthenol, glycerin, retinol and hyaluronic acid. Before they're sent to shops, all products undergo clinical tests. The cosmetics brand works closely with dermatologists. They develop the products in compliance with the highest health and safety standards. The manufacturer avoids phthalates, triclosan, polyethylene microspheres or preservatives that release formaldehyde.

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