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Glow make-up The perfect shimmer instead of matte skin

Glow make-up is the trend that has led to a quiet revolution in the make-up world. For a long time, facial skin was not allowed to shine. Fortunately, things have changed radically in this respect. Glow make-up is now right on trend. It accentuates the skin's natural shimmer and allows it to glow from within.

When it comes to glow make-up, it's important to know the following:

  • Perfect glow make-up thanks to the play with light: The natural glow-up effect is achieved with glow make-up through the clever use of light-reflective substances. Silk particles, tiny coloured pigments or fine minerals lie on the skin and cause the light rays to be fragmented in many different ways. This makes the skin look like it's glowing from the inside out. Certain shades achieve different effects. Greenish pigments can simulate a clear complexion, while reddish pigments can give pale skin the freshness of morning dew.
  • Glow make-up accentuates a nude look: Special glow make-up is based on the fact that the skin usually only reflects around five percent of daylight directly. The rest of the light rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are therefore perceived differently. In order for glow make-up to unleash its magic, the make-up needs to adapt to the glow foundation and not try to outshine it. Perfect for this is the nude look with natural colours that accentuate the lips and eyes and enhance the contours without using overly loud colours.
  • Glow make-up doesn't mean shining like a disco ball. Although glow make-up has released us from the craze for a matte complexion, the shiny finish still has limits. Glow make-up makes the skin shimmer and drowns out blemishes. The greasy shine of skin without make-up, however, looks very different.

How do I apply glow make-up correctly?

Glow make-up is most effective on skin that is well cared for. The shimmering make-up look requires a firm surface. Creams and serums containing hyaluronic acid are perfect for skin care as they can bind moisture in and on the skin. Before applying glow make-up, we recommend covering up any blemishes, dark circles and pigmentation marks with concealer.

It's also important to use an exfoliant on the skin on a regular basis. A chemical exfoliant used once a week would be perfect. This stimulates the formation of new skin cells and results in a smooth, even complexion. It's the perfect basis for glow make-up. For the perfect glow, you should first apply foundation and then highlighter liberally to the cheeks, forehead and bridge of the nose.

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