Face moisturisers for men

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Face moisturisers for men – because men's skin requires grooming too

Think face care is just for women? Quite the opposite: Well-groomed men look just as attractive, successful and self-confident! Washing and drying it just isn't enough to keep the skin on your face looking youthful and healthy. Men's skin in particular, seeing as it is also irritated by shaving, deserves an extra dose of care. Face moisturisers for men's skin bring moisture back into the skin, create a protective film and provide a healthy, fresh look.

Reaching for your partner’s moisturising isn’t a great solution because face moisturisers for men are different to those for women. Men’s skin produces more sebum and is thicker due to the production of testosterone. Neutral creams, which are intended for both men and women, may feel like they are working, but they don't always achieve the desired effect. That’s why more and more men prefer to use their own dedicated face care products, which help them feel completely comfortable in their own skin.

Face moisturiser for men – the ingredients make the difference

Although men's skin contains more collagen and thus remains taut for longer in life, their sebaceous glands often cause blemished skin, especially in younger men. At the more mature end of the scale, men’s skin also becomes tired, with life leaving behind visible traces. Regular shaving and everyday environmental factors cause additional stress. It's worth pampering yourself and your skin the sooner the better!

Countless producers of face moisturisers offer grooming products specifically for men, ranging from day creams for men to night creams. But how can men know which moisturiser is right for them?

Men also have different skin types:

  • Men with dry skin will suffer from flakiness, itching or irritation. this requires a rich face moisturiser for men. The optimal ingredients include jojoba oil and vitamin E.
  • Oily skin tends to be shiny and prone to impurities. If the skin on your cheeks is dry, while your nose, chin and forehead are shiny, you have combination skin. In both cases, choosing men’s face care products with low amounts of oil is recommended, although they should still be very moisturising.
  • Men can also suffer from sensitive skin. This skin type can quickly become irritated and show signs of redness. In this case, a skin-soothing, mild men’s face moisturiser is the optimal choice. There are even high-quality products which soothe shaving burn and make the need for after shave a thing of the past.
  • Normal skin is unfortunately often overlooked when it comes to skincare. But it can often do with a boost of freshness. That's why a moisturiser for men, which provides moisture and is only slightly oily, is a good choice.

What men’s face moisturisers can do

A men's moisturiser tailored to your personal skin type can alleviate the first signs of skin ageing. Men with mature skin will also benefit when their daily grooming ritual becomes a routine. Any annoying tightness is immediately alleviated, shiny spots disappear. Neglected skin recovers and impurities are reduced. There is also special anti-ageing care for men. The fact is: Having glowing, attractive skin on your face and enjoying the discreet, masculine scent of the cream will boost your self-confidence, no matter your age.

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At parfumdreams, every man is guaranteed to find the right grooming products for him. They work better when they are designed to be used together. Soap, shampoo, body lotion, day cream and night cream for men complement each other best when they come from the same skincare range. If you've already found your favourite brand, it’s best to choose your moisturiser to match. There's one more thing you should consider when buying a face moisturiser for men: In the cold season, your products can be a bit richer and more moisturising than in the summer.