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The shampoo bar is making a come-back

Grandma used them all the time and now they’re back on our bathroom shelves. Shampoo bars, also known as solid shampoo, are gaining in popularity. And that should come as no surprise because these smart beauty aids contain no synthetic surfactants and dispense with superfluous packaging. They also contain no water, offer greater value for money and have a long shelf life. What’s more, they help everyone to make a small contribution to environmental protection.

Shampoo bars and their ingredients

Does your scalp get irritated by strong surfactants? Then a shampoo bar could be a great alternative for you. Manufactured in organic quality, these handy shampoo products only contain saponified oils as surface-active agents. Check out the back of the packaging to see whether there are any problematic ingredients such as palm oil that you want to avoid. What’s more, most shampoo bars are also vegan.

Botanical ingredients are what make a shampoo bar so effective. Rich coconut or avocado oil nourish dry hair and make it feel silky. Extracts from herbs such as chamomile and nettle have a soothing and refreshing effect on the scalp as you wash your hair. Essential oils add wonderful fragrances and extend the shelf life of your solid shampoo bar.

Tips & tricks: How to use a shampoo bar properly

Shampoo bars don’t just differ from regular shampoos because they are solid and not liquid. There are also a few other differences in how to use them:

  • Water hardness: Shampoo bars work best with soft water. In hard water (8 dG and higher) you’ll need to use an acid rinse to reliably remove limescale residue.
  • Cutting shampoo bars to size: Use a knife to cut off a small piece. It’s easier to hold in your hand and will extend the life of your solid shampoo.
  • Using directly on the hair: Rub the shampoo bar on your hair until enough of a lather has formed. Then massage as usual.
  • Using it with your hands: You can also lather up the shampoo in your hands and then apply it to the hair.
  • A shampoo bar for dry hair: Do you suffer from dry hair? Then choose a shampoo bar with more than 5% fat content.

It’s always worth trying out a shampoo bar because in the long-term, you save money and introduce less plastic waste into the environment.

Naturally clean hair with a shampoo bar

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