Cream eyeshadow

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Cream eyeshadow for brilliant eyes

There are different types of cream eyeshadow. They come in small pots with screw caps or as eyeshadow pencils. Often, they are also used as a coloured eyeshadow base instead of a primer. After applying, simply wait until the liquid eyeshadow has dried. Afterwards, you can also apply powder eyeshadow. A creamy eyeshadow in your favourite colour is enough for a simple everyday look. Apply it, blend it and you're done with eye make-up.

Cream eyeshadow: Easy application and long-lasting

Cream eyeshadow has a lot of advantages over classic powder eyeshadow:

  • The creamy texture of eyeshadow makes it very easy to apply and blend – whether you do it with an eyeshadow brush or simply with your finger.
  • Cream eyeshadows are highly pigmented. You only need a small amount of the product to create a stunning effect.
  • Most cream eyeshadows dry on the eyelid, which means they don’t creep into eyelid wrinkles during the day – even without an eyeshadow primer.

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