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Home fragrances – freshen up the air in every living area

Home fragrances do more than simply change the mood of a room. They can also spark memories. There are different room fragrances to buy that appeal to the most varied of different tastes. Choose from floral, woody, fruity or fresh fragrances to stimulate your senses. They are an effortless way to fill any room with fragrance, while creating individual perfume notes at the same time.

Atmospheric room fragrances with an invigorating effect

Pleasant perfumes are relaxing. They ensure we feel right at home as soon as we walk into a room. In order to do so, high-quality oils fill the room with scent and hang gently in the air. This creates a cosy atmosphere in the room at the same time. A room that smells good is enticing and invites guests to stay awhile. To enhance your living area with a room fragrance, there are several products available

  • Reed diffusers: These air fresheners are a true classic. Presented in an attractive bottle, the liquid fragrancecontained inside is diffused into the room via the reeds. In doing so, the reeds can be used to adjust the intensity of the fragrance to suit your taste. If only a couple of reeds are used, the fragrance in the room will be subtle. On the other hand, adding more reeds is a clever way to create a more intense fragrance.
  • Room sprays: You’d like an atmospheric scent in the air, but only occasionally? Then a room spray is just what you’re looking for. The scent of these handy home fragrances is spread using a spray nozzle. Depending on your requirements and the size of the room, just a few pumps are enough to freshen up the air in the room.
  • Scented candles: This home fragrance is stored in wax. When you light the flame, the wax and oil melt, creating an exciting fragrance experience. Several fragrance essences often remain in the room for quite a while even after the candle is blown out. For an opulent fragrance experience.
  • Scented stones: In a sleek, understated design, scented stones are so easy to blend in with your existing ambiance. With the help of a couple of drops of essential oil, a source of fragrance can be created in no time at all. This ensures that the air in the room is enveloped in pleasant scents.

It's so easy to give any room a totally personal note simply by changing the fragrance. When doing so, home fragrances don’t need to be immediately obvious. They can certainly be as distinctive as any room décor, or they can blend into the background. But the result is always the same: This fragrance gives the room an unforgettable scent which will take your senses on a journey.

Home fragrances to suit every taste

These days there is a huge selection of different room fragrances. That means you can find the right fragrance for every requirement and every taste. In doing so, alongside selecting your beautiful fragrance creations, you can also decide on the shape and design of your room freshener. If your room fragrance should fill your home in the long term, reed diffusers make the most sense. If you’d rather not be continuously surrounded by the scent, a room spray would be your preferred option.

When it comes to scented oils, the selection is also rich and varied. If you’re not sure which essence is right for you, think about your favourite perfume. Fresh fragrances with a hint of mint and herbs invigorate the spirit. Floral nuances, on the other hand, soothe the soul. This selection allows you to create the right atmosphere in every room.

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A home fragrance not only adds a breath of fresh air to a room – it will enhance every space. You will find a range of different room fragrances which will transform any home into a feel-good oasis. Choose your favourite from our selection to bring you harmony and contentment.