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Highlight your eyes with eyeliner

With eyeliner you can emphasise your eyes very precisely and even make them look bigger. Whether you’re going for a cat-eye or a classic eyeliner, eyeliner is an essential part of any beauty kit and gives your eyes that special look. Applying eyeliner is an art, though, and takes some practice.

There are two different types of eyeliner. One is a liquid eyeliner and applying it is a skill. A narrow brush serves as an applicator and moving it in a straight line across the eyelid is an art. The other option is an eyeliner pencil, which is more solid and a little easier to apply, which can be convenient, especially for the first few attempts.

You decide on the colour of your eyeliner

Eyeliners come in a range of colours. Depending on the colour you choose, you can create a completely different effect.

  • A white eyeliner can instantly make your eyes look bigger, because the white of the eyeliner seems to widen the white of the eye. White eyeliner is perfect for achieving a wide-eyed, alert expression.
  • Black eyeliner is a classic and goes perfectly with made-up lashes, which look even fuller and longer with a skilfully applied eyeliner line. Black eyeliner can visually lengthen the lash line and instantly create a cat-eye look.
  • If black eyeliner is too harsh, try brown eyeliner. It's not just for brown eyes, but also for blue and green eyes. It makes the eyelid look bigger in a natural way and gives an overall softer look. Brown eyeliner works perfectly with dark eye make-up, where the entire lid is shaded brown.

Which colourful eyeliner goes with which eye colour?

Blue or green coloured eyeliner can also be used to accentuate your eyes and make them sparkle. Purple eyeliner works really well with green eyes, and brown eyes pop beautifully with blue eyeliner. Blue eyes glow with shades of gold, copper or yellow. Pick up a coloured eyeliner if you're heading off to a special occasion, wearing a bright outfit, want to jazz up a simple outfit or just want more colour in your daily life.

The best way to apply eyeliner

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re drawing a straight line with an eyeliner:

  • Rest on your elbow to keep your hand as steady as possible.
  • Apply a primer beforehand so that your eyeliner doesn’t smudge and ends up in the crease of your eyelid.
  • Apply the eyeliner as close as you can to the lash line. This is really the only way to show off the effects of thickened eyelashes.
  • If you have drooping eyelids, draw the eyeliner upwards at a slight angle and not quite straight along the lash line. This visually opens up the eye.
  • Don't pull the skin on the eyelid upwards to apply the eyeliner.
  • There’s an order you should follow when it comes to eye make-up: First, shape your lashes with an eyelash curler, then apply eyeliner and finish off with mascara. If you use the eyelash curler after applying eyeliner, there's a good chance it will smudge.

Make sure to take your time when applying your eyeliner and don't rush it. Even if the eyeliner is a little shaky the first few times, it will get better after you've practised a few times - promise!