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Clippers for professional haircuts

People with short hair styles know the score: A regular visit to the salon is a must and something you put off only reluctantly. To escape the pressure of an appointment with the hairdresser and still look well-coiffed every day, professional hair clippers are available. With hair clippers, you can freshen up your short hairstyle at home or even eliminate the salon visit completely. With the right accessories and attachments, combs and scissors, cutting your hair becomes child’s play.

Cut your hair yourself with hair clippers

With professional hair clippers, it's simple to create short hairstyles quickly. Depending on the device, hair clippers are electric with a cable or even cordless with an integral battery. The cutting length is adjustable and can therefore be adapted to suit the individual. To finish, the attachment used is cleaned under running water.

The various hair clipper designs

High-quality hair clippers are not only ergonomic, they are also built robustly. The attachments are easy to use and do not slip on the hair when cutting.

The blade on the hair clipper plays a decisive role for professional hair-cutting. High-quality cutting blades are often composed of carbon titanium, ceramic or stainless steel. An attachment with fine teeth cuts the hair with particular precision.

A powerful motor also contributes to a good result when cutting hair. It doesn’t really matter whether you opt for a model with a cable or a battery-operated clipper. When it comes to battery-operated devices, it's important they are powerful and fast-charging.

The perfect haircut for short hair: How to cut hair with a hair clipper

In principle, the hair can be cut with a hair clipper in both a wet and a dry state. To achieve the perfect result, you should observe these points:

  • Start with the long attachment and feel your way forward slowly until you have reached the desired length. In this way, you move the clipper in the opposite direction to the hair growth and only touch the scalp lightly with the attachment.
  • Always work at the same angle so the hair is cut to the same length.
  • Once you have reached the basic length, change the attachment to shorten the hair a little at the nape of the neck and sides. Various attachments are supplied in sets. A trimmer is particularly suitable for precision cutting of contours at the nape of the neck and sides.
  • Fine, individual hairs can also be cut with a pair of hair scissors.

To ensure your clipper delivers good results for a long time, you should clean it thoroughly after use. A cleaning brush helps to remove remnants of hair from the blade and teeth.

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With high-quality hair clippers your hairstyle always looks salon-fresh. With a little practice and the right accessories for your hair clipper, you can create quite different hairstyles. You can choose from a battery-operated device, one with a cable or a 2-way device that works with both cable and battery – it’s entirely up to you and your preference. Find your new beauty tool now at parfumdreams and create fresh looks for every day.