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Expressive eyes with a kohl eye pencil

You can emphasise your eyes with a kohl eye pencil and give them depth and drama. This means you can turn an everyday look into something truly special. A kohl pencil is firm and creamy, making it very easy to apply. With so many colours to choose from, you can vary your look with different kohl pencils.

Kohl: Small pencil, big effect

You can use a kohl eye pencil to draw soft lines around your eyes and blend them smoothly. Even though black is the most popular choice for kohl eye pencils, you can also achieve wonderful and natural effects with grey or brown. Kohl liner is a classic beauty tool that can be used to create a whole host of different looks. Simply draw a line with a steady hand, gently smudge and the magic of a kohl pencil is revealed.

How to apply kohl eye makeup

Kohl eye makeup is best applied to the edges of the eyelids. Applied on top, it opens up the eyes. If you apply it too close to the eye on the lower lid, it can make them look smaller. You can also use a kohl pencil to extend your eye outwards for an exciting cat-eye look.

Kohl is one of those make-up tools that can be applied really quickly and has a huge effect. If you have pale eyelashes that tend to make your eyes look small, then a kohl pencil can work wonders. It can widen your eyes visually and make them really stand out.

Which kohl pencil suits which eye colour?

Depending on the colour of your eyes, there are lots of shades that work well:

  • Highlight blue eyes with a green kohl pencil. Gold tones or a soft brown will also make your blue eyes pop.
  • Gold tones also go well with brown eyes. Another good shade is copper, but classic black is also great – especially for a more sophisticated evening make-up. You can also create beautiful accents with red and blue.
  • You can highlight green eyes very well with shades of purple and pink. Darker colours like grey and black create a beautiful contrast. Pink and blue don’t go, though.
  • Silver, white and ice-blue tones go best with grey eyes. Copper also works.

A white kohl pencil achieves a beautiful effect with any eye colour. It makes the eye look bigger and creates a great, fresh highlight. White kohl blends in with the white of the eye and is usually not immediately noticeable. You simply look alert, your eyes shine and so does your entire look.

Kohl: Waterproof or not?

When buying a kohl eyeliner, make sure it is waterproof. This is because it will automatically come into contact with tear fluid and waterproof kohl will prevent it from smudging. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, a waterproof kohl liner is recommended – it bonds better to the eye and less particles come off and get into the eyes.

Note, however, that you will have to remove waterproof kohl with oil-based make-up remover and usually rub your eye more firmly than you would with a non-waterproof product. if this is something you don’t want to do, try using a non-waterproof kohl pencil.