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After shave: for silky smooth men’s skin

An aftershave with a nice scent is a must in the bathroom of any groomed man. The fine waters refresh and soothe the skin after shaving. In addition, they have a masculine scent that no woman can resist. But men’s aftershave can do even more than that. Alongside the classic aftershave splash, there are now lots of different variations with different properties:

  • Aftershave powder: dabbed on with a small sponge after shaving. Stays nice and dry in summer and is great for sun-stressed skin.
  • Aftershave balm: nourishes the skin after shaving and provides valuable oils. Its consistency is rich and it usually contains no alcohol. In winter, it is a very good choice for skin that tends to suffer from dryness.
  • Aftershave lotion: this is exactly in between classic aftershave splash and balm: refreshing and caring without any burning sensation. It also leaves the skin feeling nice and supple.
  • Aftershave gel: this is refreshing and hydrating for extremely dry skin that feels tight after shaving. Smooths the pores and is easy to apply.

At parfumdreams, you can buy affordable aftershave and enjoy the huge selection of fragrances and perfumes. After all, finding your favourite from all the different varieties is no easy feat. So that you can find the right products straight away, you can find some tips to help you choose the right men’s aftershave here.

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In general, you should always choose an aftershave that suits your perfume. This intensifies the scent in a completely natural way. You also minimise the risk that the two fragrances overpower one another or smell too strong. For this reason, many perfume producers offer complete care lines. Whether you opt for aftershave splash, powder, lotion or balm depends on the requirements of your skin and your expectations of the product.

For robust men’s skin, a classic aftershave is definitely the best choice. It cools the skin after shaving, smells great and disinfects small cuts with alcohol. This is also the reason why aftershave splash always stings a little. If you don’t like this, then try a gentler aftershave lotion. It refreshes normal to slightly sensitive skin and leave the face feeling fresh and well cared for.

Is your skin sensitive and prone to redness? Then soothe it with an aftershave balm. This contains no or very little alcohol. Instead, it boasts nourishing ingredients that soothe irritated skin. At the same time, it reduces redness and strengthens the natural resistance of men’s skin.

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A well-groomed face is like your calling card. It gives you the necessary confidence to give your best every day. You like a clean shave or have an artistically trimmed beard? Buying aftershave is a must for any cultured man of today. At parfumdreams you will find the right product for your face and your lifestyle.

For a great look and feel after shaving, put a small amount of aftershave on your hands. Rub it in thoroughly and then apply it to your cheeks. Work from top to bottom, and don’t forget the throat. Now you are ready to master life’s challenges.