Laura Biagiotti perfume

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Laura Biagiotti: Italian elegance for natural beauty

The Laura Biagiotti brand is named after the designer of the same name. Born in 1943 in Rome, Biagiotti started working in her mother’s fashion studio at an early age and abandoned her archaeology studies for it. In 1972, she presented her first fashion collection in Florence and quickly gained fame. In 1982, the first Laura Biagiotti perfume was launched.

Laura Biagiotti’s fashion is synonymous with Italian elegance and continues to be successful to this day. Her cashmere collection earned her the name “Queen of Cashmere” and and she also set trends early on with her fashion lines for curvy women. Making every woman feel pretty and able to dress beautifully, no matter her clothes size, made the brand successful. Her role models have always been the women from mainstream society who can feel beautiful and feminine thanks to her fashion creations.

Laura Biagiotti perfume: Gentle femininity bottled

Laura Biagiotti made a name for herself early on – even outside Italy. Her perfumes are still considered classics today and are bought around the globe.

Laura Biagiotti perfumes are feminine and come in elegant bottles. Some of the bottles are modelled on the Castello di Marco Simone, Laura Biagiotti's residence near Rome, where she lived until her death. The Roman designer’s fragrances capture the Italian attitude towards life and stand for pure Dolce Vita.

Which Laura Biagiotti perfumes are classics?

Laura Biagiotti perfume is synonymous with pure womanliness and feminine creations. The designer’s fragrances also capture the charm of the city of Rome – Laura Biagiotti’s eternal place of inspiration and creativity. Her best-known fragrances include:

  • Laura Biagiotti Laura: This perfume is an absolute classic fragrance. With its top note of lychee and watermelon, it is light and fruity at first and then changes to a floral heart note with rose and water lily. The base note is more tart and woodier thanks to sandalwood, but is counterbalanced by vanilla and thus shifts overall into the floral fragrance world. This delicate perfume is perfect for accentuating your femininity.
  • Laura Biagiotti Roma: This Laura Biagiotti perfume is an homage to the designer’s home city. The fragrance is elegant with a fruity, fresh top note of grapefruit, blackcurrant and bergamot. The heart note is floral with almond, rose and lily of the valley. The base note is oriental with scents of amber, vanilla and oakmoss. This combination makes Roma a seductive fragrance with a lot of elegance.
  • Laura Biagiotti Roma Uomo: Laura Biagiotti’s men’s fragrance is just as elegant and also pays homage to the Italian capital city. Tart notes of geranium and sandalwood rounded off with tonka bean and grapefruit, vanilla and basil make up this perfume.

The fragrances unfailingly exude a certain elegance and the Italian flair with which Laura Biagiotti has always been synonymous.

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