DKNY Parfum

Donna Karan became known in 1984 when her first collection for business women came onto the market. Shortly after, the fashion designer started to extend her collection with sportswear as well as lingerie and sleepwear. In the early 90s, she also added men’s collections, accessories and perfumes, thus securing a firm reputation as a strong female designer at New York Fashion Week, which had previously been dominated by men. She made an unsuccessful foray into the stock market in 1996, and in 2001 sold the brand to luxury group, LVMH. LVMH. She has now hung up her tape-measure as head designer and her only role is as supervisor to ensure that the “Donna Karan” style is maintained. As well as her luxury haute couture designs, Karan also marketed an affordable collection under the DKNY label and broadened her product portfolio with a range of perfumes of the same name.