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Modern nail polish remover – mild and gentle

If the nail polish begins to flake or you want to change the style and colour, it’s time to remove it gently. Nail polish removers used to be really aggressive and damaged the nails with frequent use but now no one needs to worry about this happening. Various brands offer gentle nail polish removers without acetone. But even if you opt for products with acetone, you don’t need to fear your nails will dry out or flake if you use it only occasionally and nourish your nails.

The right way to use nail polish remover

Below, you will find a couple of tips for removing nail polish on the hands and feet incredibly easily:

  • Nail polish remover wipes are particularly good for when you are out and about or on holiday. They are already soaked in remover and wipe away the polish incredibly easily.
  • Lint-free wipes or cotton pads are best for liquid nail polish. The nail polish remover is applied directly to them.
  • Dab the remover onto the nails with a wipe or pad, leaving it on for just a moment, preferably.
  • Now the nail polish can be removed quite simply by wiping from the bed to the tip of the nail.

High-quality nail polish removers already contain a moisturiser. If you want to, you can finish off by rubbing in a moisturiser for the skin and nails or use a special nail care oil.

Had a mishap when painting your nails? This is when you need a nail polish remover in the form of a pen

Who hasn’t been there? You’re in a hurry and the nail polish winds up not only on the nail but also on the skin of your fingers or toes, to unsightly effect. Not to worry: You don’t need to remove the entire nail polish and start again at the beginning. Practical corrector pens filled with nail polish remover repair small and larger mishaps in an instant. The tip is soaked in the remover in the same way a fibre tip pen is soaked in ink. And it is just as easy to use. A nail polish corrector pen is the perfect supplement to traditional nail polish remover. This gives reliable support to people who have so far not been too skilful in painting their nails. So everyone can shine with groomed toenails or fingernails.

Nail polish removers at parfumdreams

Discover the range of nail polish removers at parfumdreams. Here, everyone will find the right method for them for removing nail polish and at the same time caring for their nails. The wide selection of modern products are characterised by how gentle they are and the fact they can be used more frequently without any worries. So your nail polish can be adapted to suit your own outfit and changed to follow your fancy. Fast, uncomplicated and flawless!