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Exfoliating body wash for men

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Body wash & scrubs for men: Why is skincare so important?

While women in their early 30s start to get the first small laughter lines and wrinkles, men's skin is still much firmer. Having said that, from the age of 35, their skin starts to sag more quickly and more wrinkles start to appear, especially as they head into old age. Men's skin produces twice as much sebum as women's skin, which is why men are more prone to impurities. To reliably remove excess sebum and flakes of skin, thorough body washes and scrubs for men are important. Otherwise, impurities can form, leading to blemishes – both around the face and body.

Body hair is much more pronounced in men than in women. For this reason, not only is shaving a more important topic for men, but grooming also takes on a different meaning. After all, body hair can cause more bacteria to grow, which can cause stronger body odour when compared to smooth skin.

Body washes & scrubs for men: Here are the products that are available

Various body cleansing products help to rid the skin not only of sweat, but also of dust, dirt or cream residues. Men have a range of different products to choose from:

  • Shower foam for men: With a shower foam, the skin is not only thoroughly washed, but also gently cared for. Featuring ingredients such as aloe vera or almond oil for moisture, shower foams for men stand out thanks to their mousse-like texture: They can also be used for shaving. With a shower foam, you’ll no longer need extra shaving foam if you want to trim your underarm hair or chest hair.
  • Shower oil for men: Shower oils can be used more sparingly than a shower gel or shower foam and have a moisturising effect. They replenish the skin with the moisture that was extracted from it by the water in the shower. But watch out: If you are prone to blemishes and impurities, you should be careful with a shower oil, as it can clog the pores. Lighter textures are key here for men to achieve smooth skin.
  • Bath foam for men: Bath foams for men usually smell a little more sharp than those for women and provide the skin with rich care and valuable ingredients as you bathe. A fragrant bath foam provides instant relaxation as you soak in the hot water and gives you a moment to unwind from your everyday life.
  • Scrubs for men: It's not just about your face: you should also use a body scrub regularly. Men who use a scrub as part of their skin cleansing routine can reliably remove dead skin cells and cleanse their pores. To do so, the upper layer of skin is either stripped away using chemical substances or by small particles which manually scrub away the skin. Because body scrubs can dry out men’s skin, they should be used once to twice a week at the most.

First cleanse your body, then use a scrub: The right way to care for men’s skin

Before treating the skin with a scrub, it should be thoroughly cleansed. A mild shower gel, shower oil, shower foam or bath foam is perfect for this. Your skin will then be perfectly prepped for a scrub, which you should carry out exactly as stated on the packaging.

When it comes to chemical scrubs in particular, you shouldn't exceed the application time stated as this can cause irritation. With physical scrubs, it’s important not to scrub too hard as this can also seriously irritate your skin. After using a scrub, you should always apply a moisturising cream – whether on your face or body. A suitable body lotion for men will soothe the skin and contribute to preserving the skin’s own protective barrier.

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