Men's perfume sets

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Discover popular perfume sets for men

You will find the perfect perfume set for men if you follow your own taste. The selection ranges from suave and slightly tangy to wild and masculine to stormy and playful. Ideally, the perfume set for men will emphasise your own personality without being too obtrusive. Like a light breeze that reflects the mood of its wearer. Choose your favourites from the following fragrance notes to bring tasteful variety to your perfume shelf.

  • Fresh: Aquatic and clear, these compositions call to mind a relaxed evening on a sailing boat.
  • Earthy to woody: solid and inviting, like an arm offered to a beautiful woman - worthy of a true gentlemen.
  • Zesty: the aroma of sun-ripened citrus fruits emphasises the sporty active type of man, who is not scared of a challenge!
  • Oriental: sensual and seductive, in the right amount, this fragrance line will enchant a woman's sense of smell.
  • Tobacco: sweetly playful with a masculine touch, rounded off with a hint of honey or vanilla.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just come from the gym, want to shine at a business meeting or are getting ready for a hot date: A set with men’s perfume will ensure you always have everything you need for a groomed appearance. Remember: Don’t splash too much on. The fragrance is perfect if it subtly flatters you and your personality type.

Perfume gift sets for men to suit every budget

The fragrance sets for men at parfumdreams are an invitation to treat yourself or be treated by your loved one. Lovingly composed, there is one to suit every budget and they always make a great surprise gift. Plus, they already come in attractive packaging. So a perfume gift set for men is also great as a small last minute gift for your own father or brother. You can choose between a wide range of sets.

Eau de toilette, combined with mens perfume creates a fragrant gift option for every occasion. A perfume gift set for men with eau de parfum and the matching aftershave look great on the bathroom shelf. And the combination of eau de toilette and deodorant is perfect for a quick freshen-up when you are on the go. Although a perfume set for men doesn’t need a special occasion: it is designed to be a small birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift. Combining suave exquisite fragrance and infused with skin-care ingredients, it clings longer to the skin.

Shop perfume sets for men online at parfumdreams

How do you find the perfect perfume set for men? It’s easy: Go with your personal preferences. Choose a perfume that accentuates your character and your preferences: Are you the sporty dynamic type, who likes to be outdoors? Then choose a fresh fragrance with green notes like rosemary or oak moss. Do you prefer a classic scent ? Then minimalistic, masculine fragrances with balanced notes of ginger, leather and subtle nuances of fruit will suit you well.

You were born in a suit and your charm is your strongest weapon? Then a fragrance set for men that accentuates your suave charisma will suit you best. As a daredevil, you don’t let anyone tell you anything. This should always be reflected in the perfume set of your choice. Opt for strong and distinctive notes with a high recognition value.