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Top coat – the perfect finish to every manicure

They look as if they have been done in a nail salon, yet they are genuine: Nails that are perfectly painted and finished off with a top coat simply look incredibly attractive. Whereas the base coat smooths irregularities on the nail and prepares it for the colour, the top coat provides a beautiful gloss and long-lasting care.

A simple, clear nail polish could serve as a top coat. However, it is worth picking a special top coat, as this also has nourishing properties and extends the durability of the colour. And that’s not all this versatile beauty product can do: There are also top coats with special effects available that can highlight or change the effect of painted nails.

Beautiful effects with nail polish top coat

As soon as the colour is completely dry, it can be protected with a layer of top coat. The final colourless coat extends the durability of the polish and can refresh its glossy finish with a further application after a few days. For people in a hurry, it is best to pick a quick-dry top coat. Plus, interesting effects can be achieved with different top coats:

  • A matte nail polish top coat becomes sporty, elegant or extravagant, depending on the colour selected.
  • Larger glitter particles make the nails sparkle and boost your mood. Special top coats are popular for holidays and parties, above all.
  • Finer glitter particles in the top coat look especially beautiful in the evening and on festive occasions. They not only sparkle in the sun but also in romantic candlelight.
  • If you love the trendy gel look, you can easily create this effect with classic nail polish by applying a gel-look top coat. And entirely without a UV lamp.

A top coat is therefore not only the completion of a flawless manicure but can also give the nails an unusual look. Products enriched with special ingredients like Vitamin E or keratin help the nails to become and remain healthy. Special top coats are good for brittle and weakened nails, making them more robust and healthier looking with regular use.

Gel top coat for a long-lasting gel look without a UV lamp

It’s a bestseller – for good reason: The gel top coat is a versatile beauty product for a breathtaking finish for every manicure. Before use, the colour must be completely dry. It is best to shake the bottle before applying the product. As only a thin layer is applied, nail polish top coat goes a very long way.

For a natural look and perfectly groomed nails, top coat gel can also be worn alone without painting the nails first. It does take some time for it to dry thoroughly and harden but air-drying works wonderfully – a special UV lamp is not necessary for this fabulous gel look.

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parfumdreams makes it possible for everyone to find their favourite top coat with high-quality brands and great prices. Maybe you’ll go for more than one product so you can create new styles for your nails again and again. For a really lovely, long-lasting result, you can combine all the products, i.e. base coat, colour and top coat, from one manufacturer.