Fragrances of Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens, born on 14 March 1942 in Lille, northern France, has been strongly affected by … Learn more

Serge Lutens Fragrances

Serge Lutens, born on 14 March 1942 in Lille, northern France, has been strongly affected by his time in the war and the separation from his mother this caused. Since he was constantly being torn between two families, he chose a life of distance and continually lets himself be led by his imagination. In 1956 - contrary to his original desire to become an actor - he began an apprenticeship at a hairdressing salon. Two years later, his feminine attributes became more obvious - he had ethereally pale skin, striking eye make-up and cut his hair and ever more frequently that of his customers short and tight fitting. Very modern for the time, but also bold. His preferred colour is black that accompanies him everywhere all the time. In the photographs he took, his characteristics became ever more apparent.

In 1962, after he was exempted for military service for the war in Algeria, he decided to leave Lille for Paris. He contacted the magazine, Vogue, with the help of his friend Madeleine Levy so as to present his large-format pictures there. For him, this was a sacred institution. Three days later, he was working on the Christmas edition. Soon enough, Serge Lutens was sticking out of the crowd as a trendsetter with his new make-up version and extraordinary make-up designs. He collaborated with the biggest photographers and broadened his own photographic portfolio at the same time.

In 1967 Christian Dior, who had only just brought out his first make-up range, contacted him. He began to design colours, ranges and designs for Dior. In the 70s he was enthusiastically promoted by the famous Chief Editor Diana Vreeland. Serge Lutens - Revolution of make-up! In 1974, a short film followed Serge Lutens - Les Stars. After this, he travelled a lot to discover other countries and their cultures and capture these for himself. In 1980 he collaborated with Shiseido - through this collaboration the company gained a visual identity such that he became one of the most important brand ambassadors in the 80s and 90s. In 1982, he brought out his first perfume - Nombre Noir. This first perfume embodied the 80s with shiny black on matte black. Féminité du bois as well as the creation of Salons du Palais Royal in 1992 then triggered the first olfactory revolution in the area of perfume. Then, other fragrances followed such as Ambre Sultan Béreuse Criminelle and Cuir Mauresque... These have all become wonderful classics.

Then in 2000, he finally founded his own brand - with his own uncompromising style. His creations are between a strongly selective marketing policy and the intimate framework of the Palais Royal Serge Lutens. He has won countless prizes, amongst others several FIFA Awards from the Fragrance Foundation. In 2004, the city of Lille invited him to design an olfactory labyrinth reminiscent of his childhood. It was a great, generation-spanning success. In 2007, Serge Lutens was awarded the most significant French award - Commandeur dans l’order des Arts et des lettres. At the start of 2012 he expanded the connection between perfume and literature. This opened up a new perspective which he himself calls anti-perfume - L’Eau Serge Lutens.