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Facial massage rollers – achieving an even complexion with the right tools

A facial massage is a great way to treat yourself. With a few simple steps and the right tools, you can relieve water retention, for instance. As a result, swelling is reduced and the face looks fresher and more awake. Perfect for those nights when you don't get much sleep and your eyes look puffy in the morning. But which facial massage device is the best for your skin?

  • Your hands: If you don't have access to any other equipment, simply stroke your face gently with your hands. This boosts circulation and has a relaxing effect. Tapping also stimulates the skin and gives cheeks a rosy tint.
  • Facial massage roller: Made of rose quartz or other natural stones, these rollers boost circulation and improve the supply of nutrients to the skin. Perfect for treating yourself with nourishing creams or serums. For an extra boost of freshness, you can put the facial massage roller in the fridge for a short time.
  • Facial brush: Soft bristles remove dead skin cells. Circular movements ensure a rosy complexion. Skin is left feeling revitalised.
  • Gua sha facial lifting tool: Perfect for working serums and oils into the skin. It glides smoothly, cools and soothes stressed skin. The round shape adapts to your contours and has a slight tightening effect.

Sadly you can't massage away wrinkles, but regular facial massages can improve your complexion in the long term. In the morning, these steps will revitalise the skin and prepare the face for skin care products and make-up. In the evenings, the rose quartz facial massage roller will help you to relax and slip off into the land of nod.

Why a daily facial massage should be part of your routine

Swollen eyes and a dull complexion will soon be a thing of the past with a facial massage device. Stony beauty aids are very gentle on the skin thanks to their brightly polished surface. They can also help to heal wounds caused by skin irritations and provide relief in the event of stress-related headaches.

How to use a rose quartz facial massage roller

Prior to having a facial massage, all dirt, sebum and make-up must be thoroughly removed. This means that before the roller comes into contact with your skin, you must first cleanse using a product of your choice. Then apply your serums, creams or oils as usual. And then the magic begins. The secret is to go against gravity.

When using the rose quartz facial massage roller, always start at the centre of the face and massage outwards. Ideally begin under the eyes. Then move from the bridge of the nose towards the hairline. Continue by massaging over the eye brows towards the ears. Finish with the jaw, from where you can also extend the massage to include the neck and décolleté.

Always remember to clean the roller thoroughly with warm water after a facial massage. This will help to avoid blemishes. Then complete your skincare routine as usual. Your face is now ready to embrace the day's adventures or for a relaxing night of sweet dreams. Tip: In the summer, place your facial roller in the fridge overnight and enjoy an invigorating massage in the morning.

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