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Hairspray: The hairstyling classic with a long history

Hairspray first came onto the market in 1955 and soon developed into an indispensable product forhairstyling. Hairspray comes in an aerosol and is released via a spray head with the help of gas. The fine particles rest on the hair and set it without weighing it down.

The most important prerequisite for hairspray to become successful was the invention of spray cans. The first technology came onto the market in 1953 and the atomiser was born.

What makes a good hairspray?

Hairspray sets hairstyles, prevents frizz and is simply indispensable for the perfect finish for a hairstyle. Hairspray makes fine hair more manageable, while voluminous hair can be tamed. A hairspray is a fluid hairnet: it protects the hairstyle in inclement weather conditions and ensures the style remains in the desired shape – and all day long at that.

What is the proper way to use hairspray?

You should maintain a distance of 30 cm between the can and the hair when spraying hairspray, so that the fine mist can cover the whole head of hair. Take care not to spray too much in individual areas. This will lead to an application of spray that is too intense and can make the hair sticky. It is best to keep the can moving as you spray so that you don’t stay too long in one place.

Take care not to breathe in the aerosol mist while spraying. Briefly hold your breath while spraying, spray at an open window or leave the room for a short time after spraying until the mist has settled.

Important: Your hair should be dry when applying the spray. If you spray onto wet hair, you will get a wet look, which you can of course do deliberately, but in most instances this will result in an unwanted surprise as soon as the hair is dry.

How do you find the right hairspray?

The best hairspray for you depends on your hair type and the styling results you want. Hairsprays come in different strengths that offer different degrees of hold. A good hairspray will not make the hair sticky and weigh it down, and it will give the hair a light shine. It will not leave any residue in the hair and will also dry quickly.

In addition, the best hairspray contains nourishing ingredients that lock moisture into the hair and do not dry the hair out. You can also use a good hairspray every day without hesitation. You should look out for a hairspray with a nourishing effect, especially if you suffer from damaged hair. If you have coloured hair, you can choose from many products designed especially for coloured hair, which protect the colour.

What is the difference between hairspray and hair lacquer?

Whereas with hairspray, you can still style your hair and let it fall loose, it is harder to do this with hair lacquer. Hair lacquer has a much heavier effect and brings the hair, and especially individual strands, into a firm shape. For a hairstyle that needs to hold all day long, hair lacquer is more suitable than the best hairspray. For a loose style, hairspray is better.

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