Eyelash serums

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Eyelash serum – why do you need it?

When it comes to face care, the eyelashes are often overlooked. Yet they also need care, especially if you regularly apply and remove mascara from your eyelashes, curl your eyelashes or use eyelash extensions. An eyelash serum will not only help care for your eyelashes but will also help make them fuller and longer.

Lash booster for long lashes

Beautiful long lashes guarantee an intense, wide-awake look and give your eyes a powerful expression. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with thick lashes and many women want to give their eye game a helping hand. They may use eyelash curlers to give their lashes shape, apply lots of mascara or even get eyelash extensions put on at a beauty salon. Self-applied false lashes are also popular.

However, all of these methods can damage the eyelashes and make them susceptible to breakage. When you remove eye make-up or take off false lashes, some of your eyelashes are also pulled out.

What exactly is eyelash serum?

Eyelash serums contain nourishing ingredients that enter the hair root, where they go to work.

The nourishing ingredients include:

  • vitamins
  • collagen
  • biotin
  • ginseng
  • hyaluronic acid
  • algae
  • and much more besides

What is the purpose of an eyelash serum?

When an eyelash serum is applied to the lash line, the fine lashes are provided with nutrients and moisture. This not only makes them smoother but also fuller. Lots of lash boosters strengthen eyelashes and prevent them from falling out. Some even contain ingredients that enhance pigmentation, making lashes appear darker and fuller.

Eyelash serum for long lashes: Which ingredient has a lengthening effect?

All lash boosters have a nourishing effect and can strengthen lashes, however they don't automatically make lashes longer or thicker. Only prostaglandins can do this with their hormone-like effect. They extend the natural growth of eyelashes, meaning that lashes become thicker and longer.

How to apply an eyelash serum

It usually takes several weeks before the effect of an eyelash serum is noticeable. Ideally, the selected serum should be applied to clean lashes in the evenings so that it can be left to absorb. Most lash boosters come with a fine brush that can be used to apply the serum directly to the lash line. Others come with a brush like a mascara so that the serum can be brushed directly onto the eyelashes.

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