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Eyeshadow: How it shapes your look

Eyeshadow can alter your entire look, so it has to be an essential part of your make-up collection. It comes in countless colours and a range of consistencies, such as:

While dark eyeshadow completes your evening make-up and gives your eyes a more expressive look, light eyeshadow can make your eyes appear larger and more alert. You can also experiment with different colours to bring out your natural eye colour.

What eyeshadow goes with what eye colour?

Green eyeshadow goes very well with green and blue eyes because it creates a sophisticated, fresh look. It's a fresh colour that is particularly suitable for daytime use. Warm earth tones, light brown nuances or a golden shimmer are also striking with blue eyes.

If you want to make your blue or green eyes stand out, try red eyeshadow. It's not for everyone, but if you use it selectively, you can achieve amazing effects. An orange-red works really well with green eyes, brown eyes sparkle with a rusty red and with blue eyes you can go for a pink-red to emphasise them in the best possible way. Red eyeshadow is a great way to add a special edge and give your face a modern look.

The best way to highlight brown eyes is with a light eyeshadow in cream, rose, beige or pearl. The contrast makes your eyes pop. Green eyeshadow also goes well with brown eyes, especially if your eyes have a slight green tint.

More tips for the perfect eyeshadow

You can also combine several colours of eyeshadow and apply a dark shade directly on the lid and a light accent under the brow bone using highlighter. The more you play with colours, the more expressive your make-up will be. You can create effects with eyeshadow and thanks to an almost infinite colour palette, there are numerous ways to modify your look again and again.

Light accents that make you look awake and fresh or dark curves above the lashes to make them look fuller and your eyes appear larger - try it out and mix and match different colours and consistencies.

What eyeshadow suits me?

Powder eyeshadow is the most popular, as it's available from a wide range of manufacturers in every conceivable colour. There are pressed pigments, which are easy to apply, and loose pigments. It takes a little practice to apply this loose eye shadow so the particles don't get into your eyes. There is also a risk with powder eyeshadow that eyeshadow pigments come off and fall onto the cheekbones, leaving marks. It doesn't last so well on dry skin in particular, so we recommend an eyeshadow primer in this case.

A cream version is ideal for eyeshadow beginners, as it is easy to apply and blend and no eyeshadow pigments get into the eyes. There is no risk of blotches because it adheres well to the skin. While you need a brush to apply powder eyeshadow, you don’t need one for creamy eyeshadow. You can simply apply it to your eyelid with your finger.