Oriental perfumes

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Oriental perfume – sheer sensuality

Oriental perfume has a unique sensuality. The intense and heavy fragrance is reminiscent of a journey to exotic lands where the markets are overflowing with all kinds of spices, rugs, silk, leather and flowers. The intoxicating blend of fragrance notes develops slowly, allowing the individual nuances to emerge gradually. An oriental perfume releases its fragrance over a long period of time and should ideally be used sparingly.

Oriental fragrances are characterised by sweet, warm and very intense notes. They contain base notes with aromas of spices such as saffron, almond and vanilla, floral components, animal elements and woody notes.

Oriental fragrances embody the longing for faraway places

Perfume with oriental notes was first developed at the start of the 20th Century. This was a time characterised by world discovery and an interest in exotic and foreign influences. Events such as the International Expositions in Paris, theatre and opera performances, as well as new and convenient opportunities for travel promoted the ideas of fashion designers, artists and perfumers, who also drew inspiration from oriental role models.

It's no secret that oriental perfumes are perfectly suited to women. However, men can also use these unique, exotic fragrances. In order to enjoy the subtle nuances and not overstimulate the senses, you only ever need a few drops.

What are oriental perfumes comprised of?

An oriental perfume is often created around a base note of vanilla. However, it may also contain base notes of almond, coconut, patchouli, cinnamon, tobacco, musk, tonka bean, amber and leather. The fragrance notes will then either go in a spicy or floral direction. Floral, oriental fragrances, for instance, often contain the essence of rose, lavender or tuberose.

They can be combined with the delicate nuances of apple blossom, almond blossom, orange blossom or violet. Fruity accents are given to oriental fragrances through a composition with nuances of citrus fruit, melon, pineapple or raspberry. Components such as sandalwood, cedar, grass and violet leaf provide bitter and woody nuances.

Oriental perfumes for women

Oriental perfumes for women beguile the senses with their sheer sensuality and are perfect for special occasions such as a candle-lit dinner or ball. Lancôme La vie est belle Eau de Parfum makes an impression with its aromatic, elegant character.

The oriental, sensual Lancôme Hypnôse fragrance with floral accents is ideal for seductive, confident women. Similarly beguiling is Lancôme Magie Noire with its woody fragrance and notes of bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood.

The aphrodisiac and sensual fragrance of Lancôme La Nuit Trésor gives this oriental perfume for women an irresistible and passionate character. Whereas Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Intense is somewhat tamer and has a floral fragrance that also makes it suitable for daytime wear.

With the help of Black Opium Perfume by YSL, women can show off their extravagant, feminine side and enjoy a high-contrast composition or oriental notes such as orange, coffee, vanilla, cedar and patchouli.

Oriental fragrances for men

Oriental fragrances for men feature animalic, woody and spicy notes. Emporio Armani Stronger With You Only or Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extrême have a seductive, oriental fragrance that makes men look attractive and confident. The spicy, woody aroma of Diesel Sound Of The Brave gives men an energetic aura.

Other oriental fragrances for men such as The Most Wanted Intense by Azzaro and L'Homme Prada Intense ensure a cool, masculine vibe. Discover fascinating oriental fragrances for men and women. Order online now at parfumdreams.