False nails & nail designs

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Become a nail technician with nail foils

For an exciting nail design, you don’t have to have a nail salon. With a little skill, you can beautify your nails in the twinkling of an eye with nail foils or false nails that are easy to attach. They are available in classic and trendy solid colours, with knockout patterns or with extravagant gold details. If you want to, you can give your nails a special look with nail stickers.

Nail foils: Stick-on nail polish

Nail foils or nail wraps are a good alternative to classic nail polish. They are especially suitable for women who have little time to spare for an elaborate nail design. The ultra thin, self-adhesive foils are incredibly easy to attach. They stay on for up to 14 days on natural, gel or shellac nails without flaking. Unlike traditional nail polish, they do not require any drying time.

But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a wide variety of colours and nail designs. Nail foils are available in classic shades, with an elegant ombré colour graduation, glitter dust or gold accents. French tips give nails a natural character. For a bigger impact, there are elaborate lace and rose patterns, holographic designs, animal prints or marble-look foils.

A nail design with nail foils can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Clean the nails with nail polish remover or mild soap to remove all traces of dirt and oils. Then file the nails to the desired shape and, if required, polish the nail surface so that it looks smooth and even. If you have brittle nails, a strengthening nail hardener prevents damage from the adhesive.

Select a nail foil that matches the size of the nail. It should cover the nail completely and lie flat on the cuticle. It is easiest to apply with a cuticle pusher. Make sure the foil reaches to the edges and that no bumps form before you smooth the strips onto the nail. To finish, cut off the excess with nail scissors and file the edges with the glass file. A nail design with nail foils lasts longer with an additional top coat. The top coat seals the foil and protects it from unsightly cracks.

Nail stickers: Nail stickers for a playful nail design

Pretty nail stickers transform a simple nail design with plain nail polish into a knockout eye-catcher in the twinkling of an eye. You use self-adhesive nail stickers on painted or natural fingernails. This is the way to create decorative highlights.

Metallic-look or bead stickers that lie on the nail like an elegant jewel look chic. It is best to use thin tweezers to apply nail stickers. With the sticker lying flat, press it down with the index finger of your other hand. Finally, apply a layer of clear nail polish for a hard-wearing result.

Nail design with false nails: Stick-on nails for the perfect manicure

Artificial nails help you achieve a sophisticated appearance in just a few minutes. They promise a perfect manicure in just a few steps. Nails in red shades, nude or the attractive French manicure look with white tips look especially elegant.

The sets contain false nails in different sizes to fit every fingernail. The manufacturers supply the matching nail glue with the set. You use this to fix the artificial nails to your natural nails. After applying the glue, you put on the matching nail and let the glue dry. The nail design lasts for up to ten days. It is easier to use self-adhesive press-on nails. However, these last a maximum of three days.

Tip: DIY kits with white false nails give you the chance to let your creativity unfold. They contain nails made of high-quality plastic in different sizes and a nail glue. After sticking them on, you can beautify them individually with your favourite nail polish, nail stickers or nail foils.