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Fresh complexion for a healthy glow

The complexion of the face determines whether we look fresh and awake or tired and sick. Not many people are lucky enough to be blessed with a naturally even complexion. That’s why there are lots of products out there that give you a fresh complexion for a wonderful natural glow.

All products for an even complexion

Redness, blue shadows or dark spots left by pimples make the complexion look uneven and pallid. With face make-up, you can give your skin back its glow. The best products for this are:

  • Concealer: this is perfect for the localised evening of the skin. Thanks to the high degree of coverage, you only need a very small amount to have a big effect.
  • Foundation: this is mostly applied to the whole face to even out the skin tone consistently. Foundation is available in lots of different finishes – from matte to glowy and everything in between.
  • Blusher: To give the face some dabs of freshness, a rouge is just what you need. Choose from between soft peach tones and bright pink to accentuate your skin type.
  • Highlighter: on the cheek bones, above your Cupid’s bow and on the brow bone – these are the typical areas where highlighter is used. It makes the face glow without appearing oily.

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