Make-up brush sets

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Make-up brush sets for the perfect make-up

A brush set is the perfect tool for accurately applying make-up of all kinds. Having the right brushes for each different purpose allows you to use foundation, eyeshadow and blusher sparingly and to blend them in like a pro. What's more, a high-quality make-up brush set is easy to wash and quick to dry.

What's special about brush sets?

There is a huge selection of make-up brush sets on the market. Of course, it's important that the set contains as many brushes as possible that you require for your make-up routine. There are also special sets that focus on one specific area – for example, sets containing brushes for the eyes or for your complexion. Thanks to the wide range, brush sets are particularly suitable for make-up novices. They offer a great selection at an affordable price.

Make-up brush sets – which brushes are for which make-up?

In the brush set, the foundation brush should be wide, relatively flat and slightly rounded. This will allow the make-up to blend in nicely with your natural skin tone without leaving any harsh lines. Ideally, the foundation should be distributed gently over the skin using your fingers and then carefully dabbed in using the brush. Avoid using circular motions as this will result in streaks. A slightly slanted contour brush is ideal for applying rouge and blusher. This facilitates seamless blending. Make-up looks especially effective when the cheek bones, hairline and edge of the chin are accentuated with blusher. To create the illusion of a slimmer nose, apply a darker blusher to both sides along the bridge of the nose. A fan brush or a large rounded brush is perfect for picking up powder.

For the lips, you want a narrow brush that will effectively apply the lipstick to the lips and also draw precise contours. Smaller brushes in different shapes are ideal for eyeshadow. A slanted brush is also helpful for blending in eyeshadow. With a brush set for eyeshadow, we recommend using different brushes for different colours. The eyeliner brush should be very fine and tapered. However, when choosing the right make-up brush set, it's not just the individual brushes that are important. The design of the set should be appealing so that it's a joy to use. A container or stand ensures that the make-up area remains organised.

Make-up brush set with synthetic bristles or animal hair?

When selecting a make-up brush set, there's a fundamental decision that has to be made regarding the type of bristle – animal hair or synthetic? Many make-up professionals consider brushes made with real hair perfect for powdery make-up. However, there are also views to the contrary. Real hair cannot be bound as tightly as its synthetic counterpart and therefore picks up less product. What's more, synthetic bristles in a brush set perform just as well without harming a hair on an animal's head. Parfumdreams has a huge range of make-up brush sets to suit every need and every budget.