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How dry shampoo revolutionised hair care

With a name that almost sounds like a contradiction, dry shampoo is now a firm fixture on our bathroom shelves. Dry shampoo is a practical product if you simply don’t have time to wash your hair properly or you need a quick freshen-up between washes. Fresh and clean-looking tresses with just a few spritzes.

How dry shampoo works

The secret of the fresh and clean effect is all down to the ingredients in dry shampoo. It contains absorbent active ingredients such as starch or clay that soak up excess oil. The fine powder is conveniently sprayed onto the roots and then combed out again, leaving the hair looking matte and ready for styling. The best dry shampoo also has a fresh fragrance and makes the hair feel as if it’s been freshly washed.

It’s important to select a product that is right for your hair colour because dry shampoos for dark hair can contain dark pigments that leave visible residue in pale-coloured hair. On the other hand, those pigments are great for concealing the first grey hairs or visible roots on colour-treated hair.

When is dry shampoo used?

Hair that quickly becomes oily at the roots needs a lot of attention. So people who have to wash their hair on a daily basis benefit greatly from this clever all-round product. But there are other reasons why you should give dry shampoo a chance...

  • Dry shampoo as a styling aid: do you wish you had a fluffy blow-dry look or more texture for creating braided styles? Volumizing dry shampoo is great for any kind of styling session.
  • After sport: Are you rushing straight from the gym to your next meeting? With this handy little spray can in your handbag you can conjure up a fresh look in no time at all.
  • Travelling: Dry shampoo is a real asset when you’re travelling. You don’t need any water at all, so you can step off the train with freshly-styled and amazing-looking hair.
  • In the morning: say goodbye bad hair days. Even if you slept through your alarm clock, with dry shampoo you’ll soon be ready to face the day.

Always remember to treat your hair to a wash with a normal shampoo at regular intervals to remove all the dry shampoo residue and care for your scalp.

How to use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is quicker and easier to use than regular shampoo. All you need is a hair brush, a comb and a towel to put around your shoulders and protect your clothes. First give your hair a good brush so that the powder can be properly distributed in the hair. Then shake the dry shampoo vigorously and spray it evenly into the roots. It works best if you hold the bottle around 30 centimetres away from your head and divide the hair into sections with a comb. Leave to take effect on the hair according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then thoroughly brush it out.

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