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Eyebrow dye & eyelash dye for natural beauty

Eyebrow dye helps every woman to have expressive eyebrows for weeks on end. Often, eyelashes can also be dyed with eyelash dye. Parfumdreams is the perfect place to shop for eyelash dye. Here you will find a wide selection of sets for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes simply and safely.

Eyebrow dye lasts up to six weeks. So you should proceed with caution when applying it. You should bear in mind the following factors when choosing eyelash and eyebrow dye.

  • The shade should not be much darker than the natural colour of the brows.
  • You should work cleanly and carefully when applying the dye.
  • It is imperative that you follow the user instructions on the packaging.

Unlike with black eyelash dye, only people with naturally black hair should use this shade for the eyebrows. Darker brown shades look good with brown or blonde hair. Usually, the eyebrow colour should be a shade darker than the hair colour. But with pale blondes, you can even go two shades darker. Redheads can colour their eyebrows with a strong brown or dark blonde dye. Strawberry blonde hair goes well with medium blonde.

Tips for using eyebrow and eyelash dye

Before going ahead with the actual dyeing process, we recommend you do an allergy test for the eyebrow dye. To do this, you apply a small amount of dye in an inconspicuous place and wait for 48 hours. If no blisters or red patches appear and the skin does not itch, you don’t need to fear an allergic reaction. You should cleanse your face thoroughly before using the dye. You can rub Vaseline into the skin around the eyebrows so it does not get dyed along with the brows. It is also important to have cotton pads ready for the final clean-up as well as cotton buds. In this way, slip-ups can be corrected immediately. It can be real fun dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes if you do it with the help of a friend.

A small brush is perfect for applying the dye to eyebrows and eyelashes. Besides, most dye sets supply the suitable applicator. The eyebrow dye is mixed according to the instructions of the particular product and applied straightaway. Dyes for brows and eyelashes should not be left sitting around for long because oxygen impairs the effect. How long an eyebrow dye takes to work is different for each product. If you have pale eyebrows and eyelashes, the dyeing process can be curtailed and repeated, if necessary.