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Shampoos without silicone etc. – the clean alternative

Consumers are also becoming more conscious about the shampoos they buy. A lot of people steer clear of shampoos containing silicones and sulphates, which is why more and more shampoos without silicone or other questionable ingredients are appearing on retailers’ shelves. Whether it is worth switching over to silicone free shampoos depends on your hair care requirements.

What function does silicone play in shampoo?

Silicones are water-insoluble, synthetically manufactured substances. They can be found in both skincare and hair cosmetic products. You can recognise them by the letters -cone or -xane in their names. They coat the hair and make it softer by smoothing the cuticle. So, aesthetically speaking, they’re a real game changer: they make brittle hair silky sleek and turn dull hair into shiny locks. Unfortunately, they also have a few disadvantages:

  • Sealing: The silicone coating covering the hair shaft is almost impossible for nutrients to penetrate.
  • Residue: Over time, the silicone builds up in the hair, reversing the initial positive effects.
  • Allergic reactions: People with sensitive scalps can experience allergic reactions.
  • Water insolubility: The silicones that are washed down the drain when you rinse off your shampoo contribute to the contamination of the environment with microplastics.

So, you see, silicones aren’t a universal remedy, and they’re not essential in a shampoo. In fact, they can do more damage than good to some types of hair. Does your hair look streaky or even greasy soon after washing? That’s a clear indication that you should be switching to a silicone free shampoo. Silicones don't do fine hair any favours either. They make it look heavy and lifeless.

The positive effects of sulphate free shampoo

Sulphates are also facing increasing criticism. They are also surfactants, so they help to remove dirt, sebum and styling product residue from the hair. However, their intensive cleansing action can cause irritation and even allergies. Sulphates also have a powerful moisture-stripping effect, which puts additional strain on damaged hair. So there are a number of advantages associated with switching to a sulphate free shampoo.

It helps restore balance to sensitive scalps and reduce itchiness. Dehydrated hair can absorb moisture again and its natural shine is restored. A sulphate free shampoo also helps to prevent colour-treated hair from fading. Don’t be surprised if these products produce less foam. That’s entirely normal and doesn’t impair the shampoo’s cleansing properties.

A sulphate and silicone free shampoo needs patience

The best way to give the hair a deep cleanse and remove all residue is a conditioners without silicone.

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