Women's fragrances

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Appealing women’s fragrances underline your personality

Women’s fragrances can shape the image of a woman and contribute to the way she appears. They can be sensual, delicate, mysterious or powerful and give every woman an individual note. Women’s perfume is often light, floral and fresh – but the spectrum is very large. Somewhere in the jungle of perfume bottles there is the perfect fragrance for every woman – finding it often just takes a little trial and error.

What makes a good women’s fragrance?

A good women’s fragrance is as individual as the woman that wears it. While some women want a perfume with a sense of suspense and surprise, others prefer a more familiar feel. Youthful freshness, mature substance or floral lightness are some other associations that women’s fragrances can evoke.

There are some typical fragrance notes found in women’s perfume, including for example:

  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Woody
  • Oriental
  • Tropical
  • Chypre

Of these, the fragrance note chypre represents a very special direction. It is characterised by an initial scent of citrus fruit which then gives way to warm, oriental notes. Chypre stands for unobtrusive, light fragrances that radiate sporty elegance and freshness.

However, fragrance notes are rarely one-dimensional and often have echoes from different directions, because it is exactly this that makes them so surprising. A floral perfume can also contain woody notes and an oriental perfume can still be fruity. Surprising combinations can result in exciting scents that perfumeries know exactly how to perfect.

Women’s fragrances for a big entrance

No matter whether in everyday life or for a special occasion – a good women’s fragrance can round off every woman’s look. For everyday use, many women prefer lighter fragrances. Floral or fruity notes are particularly popular here. In the evening, feel free to be a bit more extravagant: with an intense women’s fragrance, for instance containing spicy/sweet notes, every woman can leave a lasting impression.

The special effect of women’s fragrances

Perfume evokes memories, stimulates creativity and arouses desires and can even reduce stress. After all, the nose is directly connected to the centre of emotion and memory in the brain, meaning that smells, and therefore also perfume, is of great importance.

Many women first try a perfume classic before delving deeper into the world of fragrances. There are many classics to choose from and only very few women go directly for niche fragrances when they are first starting out with perfume. That being the case, there is a whole world of women’s fragrances that go beyond the classics out there to be discovered, and parfumdreams is the perfect place to start.

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