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Lip plumper: for full, supple lips

Want fuller, irresistible lips or a sensual pout? The only way to achieve this in the past was to go to a plastic surgeon. A safe alternative to injections with Botox, hyaluron and other fillers are so-called lip plumpers. When applied in the form of a lipstick or lip gloss, lip plumpers add colour and volume to your lips in a matter of seconds. They use plumping molecules or stimulating ingredients that gently swell your lips without looking unnatural.

What is a lip plumper?

Lip plumpers are dedicated beauty products that make your lips look bigger and plumper thanks to their special ingredients. They also contain nourishing components that care for and protect the sensitive lip area. They prevent chapping, dryness and wrinkles. Lip plumpers are available as:

The classics include lipstick and gloss, which add a touch of colour or intense hue to your lips along with a boosting effect. After applying, your lips will look softer, fuller and more sensual in no time.

Serums, lip balm or lip salves with a plumping effect that don't have any colour pigments have a more subtle effect. They contain essential oils such as avocado and jojoba oil, improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent the lips from drying out. They also leave your lips feeling more supple and add a delicate shimmer. Products with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E hydrate the skin for a long time and even out wrinkles.

How a lip plumper works

The effect of lip volumisers starts immediately after application. It is based on ingredients such as cinnamon, pepper, ginger, menthol and chilli. These increase blood circulation and cause the lips to swell slightly. They help the skin to retain more moisture in the upper layers. This makes your lips look fuller, darker and more contoured after application. You will feel a slight tingling effect immediately after application, but it quickly disappears. This is a key indicator of the lip plumper’s effectiveness.

In addition to active ingredients that promote circulation, many cosmetics manufacturers use plumping molecules such as collagen or hyaluron. These lip plumpers have micro-fine particles that penetrate the skin and increase the level of moisture on the surface of the lips. The resulting volumising effect is more intense and lasts for up to a day. Your lips will feel softer and firmer after applying. The products also make the lips tingle slightly at the beginning. They are also good for sensitive users as they contain mild ingredients.

Tip: An alternative to products with plumping molecules or ingredients that promote circulation are lip glosses and lip plumpers with a visual effect. These contain shimmering, light-reflecting particles that make your lips appear more voluminous and plump.

What to look for when using lip plumper?

It is important to apply the lip plumper as precisely as possible. Try not to apply it to the surrounding areas of your lips, as this will cause them to swell as well. If the effect wears off over time, you can reapply the product as needed. To avoid over-irritation, only use lip maximiser according to the manufacturer's instructions and not for long periods of time.

Tip: If your lips are dry, chapped or severely damaged, avoid irritating ingredients such as chilli, pepper and menthol. Lip plumpers with shimmering light-reflecting particles, collagen or hyaluronic acid are gentler on the skin. They moisturise and have active ingredients that repair chapped lips.

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