Hair dryers

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Hairdryers: Protective hairdryers for your hair

There are different types of hairdryer and they are one of the most frequently used tools for daily hairstyling. The most important thing is that the hair is protected as it dries. But a hairdryer is also used for blow-drying and a variety of hairstyles. Many brands of hairdryer are available at parfumdreams.

What a hairdryer should be able to do

A hairdryer is not just a hairdryer. By now there is a wide range of different hairdryers on the market for every hair type and style. The manufacturers often also offer accessories for you to adapt the tool to your hair texture.

  • Different temperature settings allow the heat to be adjusted to suit the particular hair type. So it’s not too much for the hair to cope with. Thin and fine hair dries well even in low heat, whereas thick hair can withstand more heat.
  • A special cool shot helps to set blow-dried hairstyles.
  • Ionic technology is a very popular feature with hairdryers. The negative ions in the air of the hairdryer improve hairstyling. Plus, the hair does not dry out and gets a shiny finish. Flyaway hair can also be minimised.

Here’s the rule of thumb: Be sure to use a suitable hair protection spray before blow-drying to minimise damage to the hair. This can combat breakage, split ends and heat damage.

Hood dryers for wonderful hairstyles

Professional hood dryers are available in various designs, including with a tripod, with a swivel hood or even with an inflatable hood. Hood dryers help to create waves or to dry and style curls with rollers. This beauty tool distributes heat evenly and so protects the hair when drying.

For small bathrooms: Powerful wall hairdryers

Short on space? Then hairdryers with a wall mount are a wonderful alternative for your daily beauty routine. Along with powerful motors, these hairdryers are ready to hand at any time. Some models come with an extra integral power outlet to supply other tools with electricity. Alternatively, there are also hairdryer mounts as separate accessories that you can attach to the wall for optimal storage.

Shop hairdryers for perfectly styled hair at parfumdreams

At parfumdreams you will find a wide selection of high-quality hairdryers that not only style your hair but also look chic themselves. Accessories like diffusers and compact nozzles are often supplied with them so you can style your hair perfectly, depending on the look you want.