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Silver shampoo – the secret recipe for stunning blonde hair

Cool blonde is still one of the most popular hair colours, even though chemical lighteners are damaging to the hair. This colour is also difficult to care for. Sometimes that beautiful blonde mane will develop a nasty yellow tinge. That’s where silver shampoo comes in. Because contrary to what you might think, it isn’t just a product for grey hair.

Silver shampoo: How shampoo can get rid of unwanted brassiness

Silver shampoo works according to a very simple physics principle. The principle of complementary colours. Shampoos to get rid of yellow brassiness contain blue and violet pigments. Purple and blue lie on exactly the opposite side of the colour wheel to yellow and orange, which means they neutralise each other on blonde hair. With silver shampoo you can say goodbye to brassiness and hello to captivating cool blonde.

When should sliver shampoo be used?

It isn’t intended as a daily shampoo for bleached hair because it would dehydrate the hair too much. Use a silver shampoo every second or third wash and a regular shampoo on the other days. This secret weapon against brassiness also has other uses.

  • Shampoo for grey hair: The best shampoo for grey hair will add a wonderful shimmer to your natural grey tresses, letting their true silver tones shine through.
  • For a delicate grey veil: Do you want temporary “granny hair”? Then leave your silver shampoo in for longer. The resulting soft silver tone will fade after a few washes.
  • For platinum blondes: Silver shampoo is great for getting rid of the unwanted colour shades that tend to afflict this tricky tone.
  • For sun-yellowed hair: To keep your hair looking radiant on holiday make sure you have a bottle of silver shampoo to neutralise yellow.

The premium brands have the best silver shampoos. Discount store and drugstore brands tend to contain a low level of pigments. At parfumdreams you can find a comprehensive selection of haircare and styling products that deliver impressive results.

Tips & tricks: Using silver shampoo properly

Silver shampoo works according to the same principle as all other shampoo products. However, you do need to know a couple of things about its use. Always apply silver shampoo to the scalp and the lengths. Make sure you don’t miss out any areas of the hair. Once you’ve lathered it up, leave the foam on the hair for a while to take effect.

If you leave it on for too long, you’ll end up with a grey hue. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure you read the instructions on the shampoo label carefully. Rinse off the shampoo with plenty of water. What's more, silver shampoo can always be used on blonde highlights because it doesn’t have any effect on darker-coloured hair. Don’t forget to treat your hair to a hair mask applied once or twice a week.

Tip: Stylists recommend using silver shampoo on dry hair to achieve a more intense ash blonde.

Where can I buy the best silver shampoo?

Silver shampoo from the drugstore is inexpensive, but usually ineffective. Brand name products are more expensive, but they deliver excellent results and don’t dehydrate the hair as much. You can find an excellent compromise at parfumdreams, where you can shop for salon products at great-value prices and find a shampoo for blonde hair that achieves perfect results.