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Baldessarini perfume – Style in every molecule

Werner Baldessarini was born in 1945 in Tyrol. His family, which had German-Italian roots, owned a textile wholesale business at the time, so Werner himself was able to experience business life at an early age. Later, Werner showed a great interest in fashion and he built up his own label Under the name Baldessarini, he initially sold clothing, and later Baldessarini perfume. One thing was important to him from the very beginning: Producing high-quality items that don’t follow the mainstream, but are still elegant and stylish.

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Baldessarini perfume is primarily aimed at gentlemen, for whom he creates numerous fragrances and high-quality accessories. Each product captivates with individuality and represents an elegant composition of freedom and independence. No wonder all Baldessarini products are greatly admired and extremely popular.

  • Baldessarini men’s fragrances: There’s an interesting range of Baldessarini Eau de Toilettes to admire, which come in sleek but striking bottles. Their contents awaken a longing for faraway places and contain some refreshing notes alongside striking essences of incense, cinnamon or patchouli. Equally exotic and exciting fragrances are available with the addition of mango or passion fruit, which are suitable for men who want to come across as adventurous and confident.
  • Baldessarini men’s perfumes: Baldessarini doesn’t offer many women’s fragrances. But the products that have come onto the market provide real fragrance explosions. A symphony of grapefruit, rose and musk emphasises the feminine charm. Each Baldessarini Eau de Parfum captivates with its high-quality ingredients that are long-lasting and, above all, make an impression.
  • Baldessarini body care products: In addition to the Baldessarini perfumes, the brand also offers a selection of different body lotions, shower gels and deodorant sticks. This means that different fragrances can be cleverly integrated into your personal care routine.

All Baldessarini fragrances are superbly conceptualised, arousing the observer’s interest from the outset. This is certainly due to the design, but also to the luxurious finish of each item, which customers from all over the world appreciate.

Baldessarini perfume reinvents itself with every piece

No matter whether Baldessarini designs perfume, fashion or accessories – he always shows a slight tendency towards extravagance. The designer attaches great importance to not conforming to the mainstream. His creations should be authentic, but also extraordinary. To do this, Baldessarini uses only the best fabrics, which are finished to a high standard for each product.

He also combines fashion and accessories with sophisticated patterns, while Baldessarini Eau de Cologne captivates with woody, exotic and fresh notes. Each fragrance composition is perfectly coordinated. Quality is extremely important to Baldessarini in order to win over men in all countries and to be able to skilfully emphasise their individuality, strength and masculinity

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