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Foam styling mousse Volume and hold for the perfect look

Nearly every haircare and hairstyling brand has at least one foam styling mousse in its range. Foam styling mousse is one of the most popular haircare products there is — it makes the hair shiny, as well as styling and and holding it all day long.

Foam styling mousse is a hair foam or a hair mousse. It comes out of the container as a foam and has a fluffy consistency that can be distributed well at the hair roots. Many foam styling mousses are not only good for styling the hair but are also nourishing and give the hair moisture and shine.

The different types of foam styling mousse

There are numerous different foam styling mousses with different properties that are suitable for different types of hair:

  • Foam styling mousse for coloured hair: Foam styling mousses for this hair type contain ingredients that protect the colour and make the hair shine.
  • Foam styling mousse for curly hair: Whether you want defined curls or gentle waves that last all day long – foam styling mousse gives curls definition and shine.
  • Foam styling mousse for fine hair: A volumising mousse will give fine hair more body that lasts all day long.

Most foam styling mousses combine many of these properties and can be used for different hair types.

How to use foam styling mousse

The mousse is sprayed onto the hand from the bottle – a walnut to golf ball-sized amount is usually sufficient but, ultimately, it depends on the length of the hair. Finally, the hair mousse is distributed in the hands and then worked into the hair. For more volume, apply the mousse to the roots only and finish by blow-drying the hair. For defined curls, apply the hair mousse to the hair lengths too and tease out individual curls. You can use your hands or a wide tooth comb.

Foam styling mousse for curls

Foam styling mousse is a practical styling product for curls in particular, as it can be squeezed well into wavy hair and provides good hold and a shiny finish. However,foam styling mousse for curls is only one of many styling versions. Waves can also be created in straight hair with foam styling mousse and a curling wand.

Foam styling mousse is a classic to ensure it holds. Foam styling mousse should not be combined with gel as then there is a risk of the hair becoming sticky and looking greasy.

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