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Foundation for even skin

Pimples, dark spots, veins and redness on your face are completely normal. No matter how good our skincare routines are: how our skin looks is also influenced by lots of other factors including genetics, diet and our environment. As such, foundation is perfect for making the skin look nice and even regardless. It smooths out irregularities of the complexion and makes the face glow and look more awake. Stunning eye make-up also looks much better when the skin on the face has a smooth, even base.

Foundations with lots of different finishes

To find the best foundation for you, you should know your skin type and your personal preferences:

  • Matte foundations: these have a powdery finish and are particularly to be recommended for oily skin. The foundation helps control unwanted shine in your face and, in combination with the right face powder, can stay matte for a particularly long time.
  • Glowy foundations: these foundations give your skin a special glow. They often contain moisturising ingredients that nourish the skin all day long. These foundations are particularly suited to dry skin, because the nourishing finish conceals dry areas very well.
  • Satin foundations: satin foundations are an excellent mix between matte and glowy foundation – not too matte and not too shiny. This gives them a particularly natural look and are suitable for every skin type.

Foundations with different levels of coverage

Depending on your personal taste, you can opt for foundations with high or low coverage. For everyday use, it is common to choose a make-up foundation with low coverage. It conceals unevenness only minimally and lets the texture of the skin keep its natural look.

Foundations with a high level of coverage are particularly suitable if you want to go for an elaborate, striking make-up look. With a smooth, even base, you will get the most out of your look. When applying foundation, you should always start with just a little. It is better to apply several thin layers rather than putting it on too thick to begin with. If you do that you run the risk of your make-up looking cakey.

You can also influence the coverage of your foundation using various make-up tools. A make-up sponge creates an especially natural look. With a foundation brush, you can achieve a particularly high level of coverage.

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