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Lip care for smooth lips

Stress, sunlight, cold and dry air – we are all exposed to these conditions regularly. One part of our body that really suffers as a result of such conditions is our lips. This is because the skin on our lips is extremely thin, which makes it highly sensitive to external influences. That is why we should regularly treat this are with intensive lip care products.

There are different types of lip care products available. Whether you have smooth, rough or mature lips – we have the right product for everyone. Don’t we all want full, kissable lips?

Lip care for dry lips

Dry lips get chapped, sore and itchy. Unpleasant feelings of tightness and small cracks are an everyday problem. Lip care products with a creamy texture deliver long-lasting hydration. Those with dry lips should choose from the following lip care products:

  • Lip balm: Classic lip balms are perfect for everyday lip care, since they are easy and quick to apply and can keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.
  • Lip scrub: Lip scrubs gently remove excess skin cells, which creates a good base for lipstick, since your lipstick will adhere to your lips much better after they have been exfoliated.
  • Lip masks: Just like face masks, lip masks intensively nourish your skin and contain highly concentrated ingredients. When applied regularly, the hyaluronic acid often contained in lip masks, for example, preserves the elasticity of our skin cells.
  • Lip serum: A serum is particularly suitable for dry lips that are already showing signs of wrinkles. It is absorbed quickly, so you can get on with your usual beauty routine without having to wait for a long time.

Lip care as part of your make-up routine

Tinted lip care products not only intensively nourish the lips, they also give them a tint of shimmering colour without leaving as thick of a layer on your lips as lipstick. At parfumdreams, customers looking for a natural tint of colour on their lips can choose from a wide range of products. If you prefer bolder colours, you can apply your tinted lip care product of choice multiple times until you achieve the desired level of intensity.

Fine lines and areas of unevenness can also appear on the lips over time. This process can be prevented by regularly providing the area around the mouth and lips with moisture and nourishing nutrients. Many lip care products also come with SPF and protect the lips from harmful UV rays that accelerate natural skin ageing.

Order anti-ageing lip care products online at parfumdreams

A high-quality lip care product provides additional moisture and not only gives you a beautiful smile, it also gives your face a fresh, radiant look. At parfumdreams you’re sure to find the right lip care product for your individual needs. The products can be combined perfectly for even smoother lips.