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Hair wax gives you a natural look and flexibility

One of the most popular styling products for hair is hair wax. Unlike gel or spray, the hair remains flexible with wax without losing its shape. Unlike gel, wax does not harden completely.

Hair wax styles the hair gently and creates a natural look. You can run your hands through the hair with hair wax in it quite easily – the hair remains perfectly styled and won’t collapse.

The hair frequently looks so natural with hair wax that at first glance you can’t tell that it has been styled with a product. You can’t create a wet look as you can with gel, for example, but rather a matte sheen.

Hair wax: Nourishing ingredients for beautiful hair

All hair wax products also contain, along with styling ingredients, nourishing substances that supply moisture to the hair and strengthen it. Shea butter or argan oil are therefore frequent ingredients in hair wax. Hair wax also often contains fragrances that ensure your hair smells good. If you prefer to opt for a product without fragrance, keep an eye out for organic hair wax. These items usually come without parabens and silicones.

Hair wax is particularly suitable for short hair – sections of long hair can be styled with hair wax. There is also hair wax for curly hair, which accentuates and nourishes curls, making them springy and keeping them in shape.

Tips for using hair wax

Take the desired amount of hair wax between your palms and rub your palms together. The wax, which appears firm at first, will now become soft and can then be distributed well throughout the hair. It’s best if your hair is towel-dried for effortless styling. Apply the wax to the roots first of all and then distribute it gradually down to the ends. This is how to achieve the best results.

What’s special about hair wax: If you would like to change your style a couple of hours after application, with hair wax this is easy to do. The hair remains flexible and malleable without feeling sticky. So you don’t need to jump in the shower after a long day at the office if you want to restyle your hair. You can simply change your look in an instant in front of the bathroom mirror and be ready for the evening.

Before going to bed, you can comb out the residual hair wax from the hair or give your hair a quick rinse. It doesn’t really matter if you go to bed with hair wax in your hair but the next morning you will usually have a wild bedhead look, as the hair will reshape overnight and stick out in all directions.

What effects can be achieved with hair wax?

Hair wax can give your hair just about any effect you want. It can:

  • Tame frizz.
  • Create volume if you work the wax slowly into the hair from root to tip.
  • Reduce volume if you style the hair in the right way.
  • Make flat hair more manageable.
  • Give hold and texture to hairstyles.

So hair wax is a genuine all-rounder. The product is most frequently used by men but women too should give this styling product a go.

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