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Colour shampoo for a salon-look finish

Whether you love bright red, soft brown or icy blonde: a shampoo for coloured hair will maintain the brilliance of every nuance and make your hair colour irresistibly vibrant. However, it’s important to differentiate between a colour shampoo and a colour-safe shampoo. People tend to use the names interchangeably, but they are actually two very different products.

What exactly is a colour shampoo?

This special haircare product has the same effect as a toner by refreshing your colour as you wash your hair. It contains colour pigments – tiny in size – that attach themselves to the surface of the hair. They intensify light refraction and make the hair colour look more vibrant and intensive. The integrated UV filter helps to reduce gradual fading as a result of exposure to sunlight. Colour shampoos are always intended for one specific shade.

Colour-safe shampoo protects the colour

It doesn’t contain any pigments, it simply helps to prevent the colour fading. The advantage: you can use it on any colour hair, so it’s ideal if you’re someone who likes to experiment with hair colour. Here, too, quality and ingredients play an essential role

When you buy a colour shampoo you should always check the surfactant type and content. These surface-active agents not only wash out dirt from the hair, but also pigments. SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) is considered to be particularly aggressive and should not be an ingredient in a colour-safe shampoo.

It isn’t enough to just use a colour shampoo

Using a shampoo for colour-treated hair is a good way to achieve lasting colour vibrancy and a fresh-from-the-salon look and feel. Here are a few haircare tips to ensure that the results of your expensive and time-consuming colour treatment don’t disappear down the drain after just a few washes:

  • Intensive treatments for coloured hair: Hair that has recently been colour-treated is sensitive. The hair cuticle is fully open and there is a risk of breakage and colour loss. An intensive treatment that contains moisture and protein applied directly after a colour treatment and then once a week helps to prevent that.
  • Hair oil: Colour-treated hair tends to have dry ends. Leave-in hair oil seals them and prevents breakage.
  • UV protection for the hair: Colour-treated hair is particularly sensitive to the effects of sunlight, which is why many shampoos contain a UV filter. There are also spray-on products for beach holidays.
  • Heat protection: Are you set on styling your hair with a hairdryer, curling wand or straightening iron? OK, but always use an effective heat barrier product in the form of a spray or a cream if you have colour-treated hair. Not only does it prevent fading, it also protects the hair from extensive damage.

Watch out when you use anti-dandruff shampoo on colour-treated hair because it can reduce the vibrancy of the colour and cause the pigments to be washed out faster.

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