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Face powder – quickly mattify shiny skin

A touch of powder on your forehead, nose and chin lets your mattify the skin and reduce unevenness. What you are left with is a soft, refined complexion that makes the skin appear lovely and even. An powder is not just great for covering shiny skin on your face. It also fixes make-up in place and ensures that it lasts longer. Alongside loose powder, compact powder and powder pearls are also available. However, when using powder you should know a few tips and tricks to make sure the powder does its job properly.

Finding the right powder for every skin type

Not all powders are the same – there are lots of different products out there, each of which is usually available in numerous colour nuances. Somewhere in this broad spectrum is the right make-up powder for every skin type.

  • Loose powder: this powder variation is considered the classic powder product. It has a fine texture and is very easy to apply with a brush, puff or sponge. To use it, put a little product on your applicator and apply it to the face evenly. The powder ensures a smooth finish and has a mattifying effect on shiny areas of skin. It provides light coverage without appearing like a mask, meaning the finish always looks natural.
  • Compact powder: this type of powder comes in a compressed form. it can also be applied with a brush or sponge and lets your create a nice overall look. It often comes with a mirror built in to the lid, making this powder a perfect product for when you are on the go.
  • Powder pearls: powder pearls are a combination of compressed powder and loose powder. Contained in small pearls, this product is easy to pick up in the bristles of a brush. The friction causes the powder to mix with the brush and is easy to apply to the skin.

Just a little powder make-up is often enough to give your face a great finishing touch. Face powder is great for rounding off your overall look as a finish or in order to freshen up your make-up without clogging the pores or appearing cakey.

Face powder application made easy

Most powder products are made of talcum, starch, kaolin, oxides as well as some colour pigments. The composition is simple, but its effect spectacular. Mattifying powder can make the skin appear more even, while light-reflecting powder ensures a glowy finish. One advantage is that powder can cover up enlarged pores and conceal marks. Even redness can be neutralised so that your skin looks refreshed and even.

To best apply it, put a little powder on a brush or puff and tap off any excess product. This ensures that not too much powder gets on the skin and lets you control the amount precisely. Stroke the brush or sponge from the nose outwards and from top to bottom. This ensures that enough powder reaches all areas of the face without raising any hairs on your face.

Small tip: a brush or powder sponge is ideal for precisely controlling the amount of powder you apply. However, if you wish to use powder on oily or shiny skin, it is advisable to use a cotton wool pad. Use a new pad every time so there is no chance of bacteria getting into the powder.

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