Armani perfume

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Armani perfume – fragrance from the fashion pope of the 20th century

Armani perfume comes from the founder of one of the biggest fashion emporia the world has ever seen. Armani belongs to the set of luxury brands with many millions of faithful fans worldwide. Having designed suits for other brands for many years, in 1970 Giorgio Armani, who has family roots in Armenia, decided to go it alone.

He produced his first collection for women in 1980. In the same year, the first Armani fragrance appeared. The Armani perfume for women with the same name is considered one of the most successful fragrances of the 80s. The perfumes by Giorgio Armani reflect his striving for perfection and the use of high-quality ingredients.

These Armani perfumes are especially popular:

  • Armani Si Eau de Parfum: Si – As sensual as it is feminine, this fragrance by Armani says yes to life. Mandarin and bergamot weave a charismatic fragrance with rose and patchouli, which radiates refined elegance and individual strength. Si is the new interpretation of the classic chypre fragrance. Chypre starts with citrus notes, transitions into a floral heart note and ends with a base note of musk and moss.
  • Emporio Armani Eau de Parfum: This fragrance by Armani bears the name of the sub-brand Emporio Armani, which came into being in 1991. This perfume by Armani also developed into a true classic amongst women’s fragrances. Fruity-spicy notes of jasmine, musk and pear whisk you away to an olfactory dreamland, reminiscent of the 1001 Nights – an unforgettable fragrance experience.
  • Armani Code Homme: The absolute classic amongst men’s fragrances by Armani has impressed the world of fragrances for many years already. The people-pleaser amongst fragrances impresses with a fresh top note that gradually transforms into a mysterious note of leather and tonka bean – elegant and sporty at the same time.

Armani composes fragrance with the intention for it to have an effect that is as personal as it is emotional and unforgettable. This is supported by the belief that fragrances convey impressions with a lasting effect. Despite complex effects, the design is restricted to the essential: Armani reinvents perfume over and over again.

Giorgio Armani perfume: Originality pays off

What would the fashion world and the world of fragrances be without Armani? Perfumes by Armani have proved themselves to be as timeless as the “uniform” of the designer. He often appears dressed plainly in elegant dark blue T-shirts or equally simple cashmere jumpers. Nevertheless, the man comes across as a style icon who resists fashion trends like a rock in the surf.

Just as unimpressed by fashionable currents, the perfumes by Armani have stood the test of time. Every woman has certainly tried a perfume by Armani once and has maybe even bought one.

One secret to the success of Giorgio Armani, not only with Armani perfumes, may be that the designer never allows himself to be influenced. He has always turned down investments in his emporium because he always wanted to remain self-determined. This originality of the creative genius has paid off. Today, the value of his company is estimated to be at least five billion euros.

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