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Eyebrow gel for the wow factor

Eyebrow gel is one of the most popular cosmetic products today for giving your eyebrows a nice sweep, fullness and colour. Parfumdreams offers a wide range of different eyebrow gels to satisfy every customer. This wide variety begs the question: How do I pick the best product for my requirements?

The following factors play a role when making your selection:

  • Clear or tinted gel?
  • Which applicator: round or flat wand or brush?
  • Waterproof or wash-off?
  • What shade should you choose?

When choosing the right gel for your eyebrows, first you need to answer the basic questions. Whether you opt for clear or tinted gel is a matter of personal taste. Both versions have merits. Compared to eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powder, gel has the advantage of shaping your eyebrows. The gel encloses each hair and fixes it. Tinted eyebrow gel is easy to apply and can be used to define the eyebrows perfectly as an individualmake-up product. Clear gel is suitable for women who want to style their brows individually. It is possible to give the brows a boost beforehand with a pencil or powder and finish with the gel to get them into the desired shape.

Eyebrow mascara with different applicators?

Just as with the shade of the gel, individual preference plays the main role when choosing the applicator. Many eyebrow gels use a wand with a round brush that is usually slightly smaller than the mascara wand used for eyelashes. Therefore, eyebrow gel is frequently also called eyebrow mascara. If you don’t possess stubborn eyebrows, you will usually get on well with a wand with a small round brush. If your brows are unruly, then you need somewhat stronger weapons in your arsenal to apply the eyebrow gel. This requires a wand with a flat brush with which you can apply considerably more pressure.

Tinted eyebrow gel: How to pick the right shade

The eyebrow gel should always be a little darker than your hair. This creates a flattering contrast and highlights your brows. It is important not to apply too much gel all at once. Apply pressure carefully so that the eyebrow gel does not smudge onto the skin. You will create more volume by brushing the hairs from the bottom upwards. Instead of applying a lot of product all at once, we recommend you use several light strokes as you would with mascara for eyelashes.