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Setting spray and setting powder – perfectly made-up all day long

Everything was looking great when you checked in the mirror in the morning: even skin, powdery, fine eyeshadow, a subtle glow. But as the day progresses, your make-up has to withstand a lot. Wind and rain, heat and cold, sweat and moisture – even after just a few hours your look will start losing its glow and expressiveness. Setting spray and setting powder ensure that your make-up will survive all the activities you have in store!

A make-up setting spray has the following advantages

Resistance against environmental influences is just the start. Makeup setting spray can do a lot more than it appears at first glance::

  • No more touching up: thanks to the setting spray, your eyeshadow and co. will stay right where you want it.
  • Fine mist: makes it into every last corner and covers the face like a thin protective layer.
  • A little refresh as and when you need it: perfect for when you need a little freshness boost after a long day and you want to put some glow back into your make-up.
  • Nourishing properties: The best setting sprays do not contain alcohol or fragrances, but are enriched with aloe vera or jojoba.

A setting spray works so well because it creates an invisible bond between all components of your make-up. As a combined whole, the make-up is more resistant to external influences, but with normal cleansing products it can still be removed without leaving any traces.

Setting spray or setting powder – what is better?

In general, both variations do what they are meant to: they set your make-up so that it lasts longer through the day. Make-up artists swear by setting spray, because it is easier to use. Simply hold it around 30 cm away from your face and spray in circular motions. Let it take effect briefly, and you are all set. The advantage: it also sets make-up on your eyes and lips.

Less is more: even the best setting spray cannot do its job properly if it is applied too thickly. If you put on too much by mistake, you can carefully remove the excess with a tissue. After you use it, it can produce a slight gloss effect.

If you prefer your make-up to have a matte finish, a transparent setting powder is the better choice for you. With a soft brush, take a little product out of the tub and carefully remove the excess. Apply the rest to your skin in a dabbing motion. The mattifying effect is visible straight away, and your foundation, bronzer and co. are all blended together. You should, however, avoid your eyes and lips.

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In case you ever thought that setting products are superfluous: try it out and see for yourself. Whether you opt for the powder or setting spray is completely up to you. A quick look at the ingredients and properties will help you find the best setting spray for you and your look. At parfumdreams, you can shop from the comfort of your own home and discover setting sprays and setting powders for every budget.