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AHAVA - Skin and body care with high-quality minerals from the Dead Sea

It has long been known that the Dead Sea is an incredible source of valuable minerals. These can have a nourishing and skin-improving effect in cosmetic products. For decades, scientists have been researching this fact and developing methods to make the positive effects accessible to the skin. This is also how AHAVA cosmetics was created.

AHAVA is located on the shores of the Dead Sea. The unique environment reminds the employees every day that we cannot just take from nature, but that we also have to protect it.

An internal research team is tasked with the effect on the beauty of the skin, which has been known since ancient times. Scientists combine the knowledge of modern skin and body care with the forces of nature to create the basis for innovative new products. The aim of AHAVA skin and body care is to strengthen the skin so that it remains healthy and can rejuvenate itself.

The philosophy of AHAVA skin and body care

AHAVA works with nature and respects it. The brand knows how to formulate AHAVA skincare and AHAVA body care in such a way that only the best ingredients from nature are included. The focus is always on effectiveness. AHAVA products are also:

  • vegan, and have been since the company was founded
  • well tolerated
  • sustainably produced
  • free from parabens and fillers and
  • free from genetically modified ingredients.

The Dead Sea is enormously rich in important minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium or potassium. That's why you can be sure that only natural ingredients go into AHAVA skin care. This helps the skin to regenerate and its appearance can improve noticeably.

AHAVA skin care for different demands

For each of us, there comes a day when we suddenly realise that our skin is no longer so plump and smooth. It is quite natural that the ageing process leaves behind traces. This cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down. With good skin care, the first wrinkles can be smoothed out and deep wrinkles can be prevented or delayed. AHAVA offers numerous products for this purpose.

In AHAVA's large range, anyone can put together their own personal care routine, tailored to suit the condition of their own skin. In this way, the skin is optimally nourished, protected and strengthened.

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AHAVA is a pioneer in natural cosmetics. Registered with PETA as a vegan company, it offers a wide range of mineral-based skin care and body care. High-quality vegan skin care for people of all ages, ranging from eye care to exfoliation and from moisturisers to masks and dermo-cosmetics. In addition to newly developed products, parfumdreams also has the popular AHAVA best sellers.

AHAVA offers a variety of natural products that can benefit every skin type. Dream your way to the Dead Sea with AHAVA and discover their products at parfumdreams.