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Footcare – valuable tips for stressed feet

Our feet have to do really heavy work every day. They carry us from one place to the next, covering an average of between 6 to 8 kilometres daily. Our feet have therefore thoroughly earned some footcare and extra attention. For daily cleansing, a little water and some soap is certainly sufficient. But your footcare routine can be expanded considerably with a few tips and tricks. After all, our feet have honestly earned this.

Valuable tips for enchantingly beautiful feet

Our feet shouldn’t only look good in summer. After all, they accompany us every day and often have to put up with bad shoes or hard bumpy ground. No wonder hard skin, callouses and even corns can form on feet over time. But the right footcare products allow our feet to become soft and cared for again.

  • Foot cream: Footcare can be so simple. A rich cream supplies feet with outstanding moisture. So we can treat rough and dry skin cells extremely well.
  • Foot soak: A foot soak is not only refreshing, it is also reviving. Use some bath crystals or basic foot baths with it. This footcare is soothing and revitalising. A good opportunity to relax the feet.
  • Foot peel: A foot peel should be used regularly. The particles contained in the footcare products gently clear away dead skin cells. What remains is beautiful soft feet that you’ll want to show off.
  • Foot spray: Sometimes our feet need a quick freshen-up. The best way to do this is with a foot spray. Available in different fragrances, feet feel restored and cared for after spraying. After all, a pleasant fragrance can’t harm the feet.
  • Foot mask: A foot mask is different from a foot cream. It is considerably richer and supplies the feet with ample moisture. Urea, echinacea, coconut oil or cocoa butter ensure the feet become even smoother and better cared for.
  • Corn removers: Footcare products are not always sufficient to soften stressed feet. With a corn remover even stubborn cracks and callouses can be removed. Along with a pumice stone, files or scrapers also help with this.

Use various footcare products regularly to give your feet the care they deserve. So you can show off your feet not only at the pool but also in open-toed shoes and sandals.

Integrate footcare into your daily routine and celebrate

Feet have to do such a lot. Therefore they have earned some extensivefootcare. After a foot soak, you can use the foot peel as a first step. Then, we recommend the corn remover to treat different areas of the foot carefully. It is best to use files, scrapers and a pumice stone regularly rather than seldom.

Finally, you can use the foot cream or foot mask. It is best to combine the application of the cream with a good massage. In this context, a massage ball can provide valuable service and stimulate the circulation in the feet. Now pull on some woollen socks over the feet so the cream can absorb well. Plus, go barefoot as much as possible. This is the best way for the feet to restore themselves and relax.

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Whether you do some simple footcare or carry out an extensive pedicure – with the right care, cracks, hard skin and callouses can be prevented. Your feet will look groomed, velvety and beautiful. We offer a wide range of different footcare products in our range. So footcare becomes fabulously easy to integrate into your daily routine.