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Self-tanners for the face conjure up a healthy tan – without any skin damage

If you want a tanned complexion in winter or want to look nice and bronzed in spring and summer without risking sunburn, consider a self-tanner to add a touch of colour to your face. A self-tanner will give you an instant sun-kissed look, leave you glowing and looking as if you’ve just got back from holiday.

A self-tanner is a good alternative to natural sunlight, which can be dangerous and damaging to the skin. A face tanner cream will make you look as though you’ve had a relaxing week at the seaside, without the ageing, sunburned skin or risk of skin cancer.

What kind of self-tanners are there?

It’s not easy finding the right fake tan for your face. This is because the product needs to create a streak-free, even and natural tan without making the skin go orange.

There are a variety of face self tanners:

  • Drops: Tanning drops are ideal for the face and are easy to mix into day creams. The tanning drops can then be easily worked into the face without leaving streaks or spots. Two to three drops are all you need for a sun-kissed complexion that looks completely natural – just give it a try!
  • Face self-tanners: Since the skin on the face is thinner and more sensitive than on the rest of the body, don’t use the same tanning cream for the face as for the legs or arms. There are special products available that have additional nourishing properties.
  • Self-tanning mousse: The best way to apply the gentle mousse is to use a glove to rub it in evenly. The mousse is usually tinted, so it’s easy to see which part of your face you’ve already worked on when applying it. The tanning effect becomes visible after an hour.
  • Self-tanning wipes: Rub the wipes over your face in a circular motion. They are great for on the go.
  • Self-tanning lotion: Self-tanning lotion is easy to apply and can be mixed with face cream. It has a moisturising effect and also nourishes the skin. This is because DHA, the substance in the self-tanning lotion responsible for the tanning effect, draws moisture from the skin, which needs to be rebalanced.
  • Self-tanning spray: The spray-on self-tanner is very easy to apply to the face and it spreads without having to be rubbed in. The fine atomiser leaves an even result and you can also use the facial self-tanning sprays on the nape of the neck, neck and décolleté.

Tips for applying self-tanner

Choose a self-tanner that is just one to two shades darker than your own face colour. This will make your tan look natural and not "painted on".

Before applying the self-tanner on a large area of the face, test it on a small area of the body. You can check the colour shade this way. If you have sensitive skin, testing before you use it helps determine whether the product is compatible with your skin. If you wear special self-tanning gloves when applying, you will avoid staining your palms and get a more even application.

Before applying self-tanner, exfoliate and cleanse your face. This will make the result much more even.

After applying the self-tanner to the face, be careful not to sweat and avoid contact with water. Also, wait at least six hours before you apply any face cream. This will give you an even result. Your complexion will go darker the more you use the face tanner.

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