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Shaving products for men – your style is your calling card

What make-up is for women, shaving is often for men. Whether you want a silky smooth beard, impressive three-day stubble or an awesome facial mane, the right shaving care routine will always help make you look presentable.

Shaving products for men in a nutshell

With so many products around, it’s easy to lose track of what’s what. To be blunt, they all have their reason for being. You’ll have to find out for yourself whether they meet your skin’s needs. Traditional or modern? Does it need to be quick or do you like to celebrate the ritual of shaving? Here’s a quick guide to what you need for your own style and preference:

  • Pre-shave: These products are great for preparing your skin and hair for a shave.
  • After shave balsam & lotion: Refreshes the skin after shaving, cools and soothes minor cuts.
  • Shaving foam and Co.: Classic shaving foam, smooth shaving gel or modern shaving cream – they all deliver soft skin and precision-cut whiskers.
  • Men’s razors: Traditional razors, straight razors & accessories as well as electric shavers & trimmers and classic wet razors – find your favourite.
  • Shaving brushes: Browse our range of practical aids – indispensable if you want a traditional shave.
  • Shaving soap: Are you looking for a low-packaging alternative to shaving foam? Find it here.
  • Shaving accessories: Practical shaving bowls and razor stands keep your bathroom tidy.
  • Shaving sets for men: Great as a thoughtful present or as a gift to yourself: Unwanted hair doesn’t stand a chance with these sets.

Shaving men’s hair has become quite a beauty ritual. But many people still struggle to understand what else men’s skin needs. The best grooming care will help you look and feel your best, giving you much-needed confidence to take every hurdle in your stride.

As one lot of shaving care ends, another set begins

Some men shave every day, others only once a week. Whatever rhythm you prefer: the best shave begins and ends with the right care. The first thing men’s skin needs is a lot of moisture. So as well as choosing the right razor, don’t skimp on pre and after shave treatments.

For a wet shave, the following is true: The softer the hair, the better the results. Pre-shaving products allow your beard hairs to soak up water, so they can be trimmed with precision. There are also special pre-shave grooming products for men for dry shaving, which help the razor glide more easily and achieve smoother results.

Shaving for men made easy

Shaving daily has never been easier. Because there is the right shaving device for every need. A traditional shave for men is done with a razor blade. Classic wet razors are just as popular as electric versions or dry razors. Are you into sustainability? Then opt for a razor made from renewable resources.

Every man should have the beard he wants. Thanks to the diverse range of shaving care products, redness and blemishes are a thing of the past. Rebellious with stubble today and clean-shaven tomorrow – discover your style at parfumdreams.