Gainsboro Parfum

Men’s fragrances like paintings

Thomas Gainsborough was a famous English landscape painter, whose lifestyle mirrors the Gainsboro men’s fragrance collection. An exclusive men’s perfume should naturally be part of a painter’s style. In those days, this was generally not standard practice and expressed not only stylistic confidence, but also elegance and sophistication. Style, elegance, creativity and of course the famous British sophistication shape the men’s fragrances to this day. A Gainsboro men’s fragrance is not for everyone - it is an exclusive fragrance, which not everyone can pull off. As a pure men’s line, the label has specialised in characterising men’s many facets. Thus, the fragrances are also somewhat bitter, masculine, present, but not overpowering. These classics amongst renowned men’s fragrances were created between the early 1970s and the late 1980s and have been manufactured ever since without changes. This is because every subsequent generation can feel enthusiastic about a perfume from the traditional British company. After all, the Gainsboro men’s fragrance has been created for an adult man, who is conscious of his masculinity, who stands with both feet on the ground.