Waterproof make-up

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Waterproof make-up: Long-lasting in all situations

Waterproof make-up is perfect for those who regularly break a sweat in everyday life. Whether you're at the gym, in the pool or on the sports field, with waterproof make-up, everything remains in place without smearing. Waterproof make-up is also worth its weight in gold for weddings and other events where tears are likely to flow.

Special features of waterproof make-up

Special ingredients make the make-up waterproof:

  • Wax instead of water: Regular make-up is very high in moisture, i.e. water. This gives the make-up a pleasant consistency and makes it easy to apply. Waterproof make-up, on the other hand, contains a high percentage of wax, i.e. fat. These substances combine with the outermost layer of your skin, which is also largely made up of fat.
  • All things waterproof: Waterproof make-up products exist in every category. Whether you're looking for foundation, blusher or mascara, manufacturers have developed waterproof make-up for every situation. Foundation, for example, is available as a spray, a mousse and also comes in liquid form.
  • Waterproof make-up for the body: Waterproof make-up doesn't just last longer on the skin. Waterproof foundation can also be used to conceal certain areas of skin that would otherwise be on display in a bikini. A spray-on, heavy-coverage foundation would be particularly suitable in this case.
  • Pay attention to how it feels: Particularly with waterproof foundation, it's important to note how it feels on the skin. Waterproof make-up should hold well without feeling overly sticky. It should not feel like you're wearing a mask.

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Applying and removing waterproof make-up – useful tips

Waterproof make-up contains a large proportion of wax. This means that foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara hold particularly well, but are also harder to spread and remove. In order to apply the foundation evenly, we recommend using a primer. This additional layer works like a protective cover for the skin underneath. It provides the skin with moisture and ensures an even appearance on the surface. This allows waterproof make-up to come into its own. When applying waterproof mascara and eyeliner, we recommend taking special care in order to avoid slip-ups. Waterproof make-up is much harder to correct than conventional make-up.

A regular cleansing milk or cleansing facial toner will usually fall short when it comes to waterproof make-up products. Oil-based facial cleansers are ideal for removing waterproof make-up. You can also buy cotton pads infused with oil. These have been specially developed for waterproof make-up. In the absence of a suitable make-up remover, it's worth having a look in your kitchen. A regular plant-based oil will also combine with the wax in waterproof make-up and remove it easily from the skin. Simply rinse thoroughly afterwards and treat your skin to a good facial toner before applying moisturiser. This is important as waterproof make-up can dry out the skin.

Which products do I need for waterproof make-up?

If you only use waterproof make-up occasionally, then you won't need all the make-up products at once. The staples are foundation, mascara and eyeliner. Lipstick can be freshened up as you go and eyeshadow should last even on long days with the help of a good primer.