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Hair scissors – the basis of a perfect haircut

Hair scissors are the tool of choice for professional hairdressers, stylists and non-professionals who like to cut hair. A pair of hair scissors provides an excellent haircut that cannot be compared with a regular pair of household scissors. With sharp and precise hair scissors, hair can be cut and styled effortlessly.

What are hair scissors?

Hair scissors are special scissors that have been designed for professional use in hair salons or for hairstyling. They are composed of hardened stainless steel or ceramic – materials that enable precision cutting. Hair scissors come in different versions, from simple hair scissors to professional hairdressing scissors.

The most important advantages of a pair of hair scissors in detail:

  • Precision: Hair scissors enable precision cutting. Only the sharpness of special steel enables stylists to cut with precision. This is especially important for complicated short haircuts and precise contours.
  • Durability: Hair scissors are composed of high-quality stainless steel and therefore have a long life. If they are regularly maintained, they can last for years.
  • Comfort: A good pair of scissors for cutting hair is ergonomically-shaped to guarantee it can be handled comfortably and efficiently. This is especially important if you work many hours a day with scissors.

High-quality hair scissors can therefore not be compared to household scissors.

The different types of hair scissors

There are different types of hair scissors that are suitable for different haircuts and hair types. Here are some of the most frequent types of scissors for cutting hair:

  • Standard scissors: Standard scissors are general scissors that can be used for cutting hair and creating different hairstyles.
  • Thinning scissors: These are special scissors that are used for thinning hair. They have special teeth that thin the hair naturally to achieve a natural look.
  • Bevel cut scissors Bevel cut scissors have a blade that is positioned at an angle to the scissors. This enables the hairdresser to make precise cuts at an angle.
  • Texturising scissors: Texturising scissors have two different blades: one smooth and one serrated. They are used to create soft transitions in haircuts.
  • Left-handed scissors: These scissors are specially designed for left-handed people and the shape of the blade is the other way round from regular scissors.

Tips for caring for hair scissors

Hair scissors should be maintained regularly. We recommend you clean them with a soft brush and warm soapy water after each use. A few drops of oil on the screw and hinges will ensure the scissors work smoothly. Regular sharpening maintains the cutting quality. Discover the best quality hair scissors at parfumdreams.