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Pomade for hair - creative everyday looks

Pomade was used for hairstyling in the 1930s, but for a long time it disappeared from the styling product shelves. But the tried and tested never fails and soon pomade began to experience a comeback on the bathroom shelves of trend-conscious men.

Hair pomade: Natural haircare and styling

Pomade is a styling product made from only a few ingredients. The base product petroleum jelly is mixed with plant extracts and beeswax to create pomade. Intoxicating scents enhance this styling product.

Additives such as coconut or olive oil are often used in pomade for hair to give your hair an irresistible shine. Pomade nourishes hair and scalp and it is free from chemicals and dyes. This makes it particularly well-suited to sensitive scalps.

The plethora of benefits pomade offers hair

Not only does traditional pomade contain natural ingredients, it is also free from alcohol and preservatives. So, it doesn't dry out hair.

Other benefits of pomade:

  • It gives hair much-needed moisture and a pliable hold and shine.
  • Hair stays soft and brushable. You can rework your style throughout the day because your hair stays flexible.
  • Frugal and long-lasting: You only need a little bit of paste to sculpt your perfect look.
  • Pomade is perfect for styling your beard too. Natural additives help to nourish your beard.

But there is one downside to pomade: It's harder to rinse out of your hair. Cleansing products such as shampoo for men solve this problem. But herbal-based hair water is also suitable for removing pomade.

And you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to wash out pomade every day. Natural ingredients mean you only have to refresh the pomade to hold your style in place. But you should remove the pomade from your scalp and beard after a few days and wash them completely. The following generally applies: depending on the pomade, it is recommended to wash it out 2-3 times to remove all product residue.

Suitable for beards too: Hair pomade

Hair pomade is suitable for short to medium length hair. The right pomade can even help smooth curly hair. Pomade is also a great styling product for beards because it can tame unruly hairs.

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